Saturday, June 25, 2022

Aldi Freezer Bags $7.99

ALDI freezer bag

Look out for the ALDI insulated freezer bags in your local ALDI store. Like with everything else these days, the price has increased to $7.99 this year.

ALDI insulated bag

Still the ALDI freezer bags are a great investment, as they zip close, last for years and will help prevent your groceries from spoiling.

These cooler bags are far superior than other grocery freezer bags, and we usually bring along at least 3 of them every time we go grocery shopping.

Here in Florida they help get our groceries home safe from the store every time, and they enable us to make more than one stop on our trip.

ALDI insulated thermal bag

We've bought several of these insulated grocery bags from ALDI over the past decades and they usually last 3 - 5 years before it is time to make a switch.

The inside has a plastic lining, which is easy to wipe clean. However, the outside is harder to keep clean, so choose the darker colors if possible.

ALDI insulated thermal bag $7.99

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