Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aldi Product Feature: Benton's Cookies Honey Graham Crackers $1.19 - $1.79

Bentons cookies honey graham crackers aldi
My family has been quite brand loyal over the years, but thru couponing we have learned to give in for some items, but for others we still stick with our old favorites.  The Aldi Spot has gotten me totally interested in trying out many of their brands.   One of our new tries this week is Benton's Cookies Honey Graham Crackers.

Honey Maid Graham Crackers was one of those brand loyal items.  My mom is the biggest graham cracker eater that I know of, and since I get all her groceries for her I have tried to save her money by slipping in a different brands, whenever I found a great deal.  But she never found one she was satisfied with--so Honey Maid it was. Until yesterday.

The Aldi Price

On my Aldi trip I saw the Benton's Honey Graham Crackers and the price was $1.79, which is lower than I have been able to get the Honey Maid in a long time (usually $2.50 is the best) so I grabbed a box for her to try.  When I looked at the receipt it was only $1.19--not sure if it was a special or price change or I read the sign wrong.

The Taste Test

My personal opinion:  We had actually been shopping longer than planned yesterday afternoon and I was hungry, so I grabbed the box and ate one right away.  That first bite was a real surprise.  I would not have known the difference between the Aldi Benton's graham crackers and the Honey Maid graham crackers.  To tell you the truth I was shocked. So I stopped by Mom's on the way home, and I dropped some off for her to try.

Mom's opinion:  I called my mother this morning to see how she liked the new honey crackers.  She said she could not tell a difference between the Aldi brand and Honey Maid.  She even said that she liked them better since Honey Maid had recently changed their recipe slightly, and they had also made the crackers smaller.  Since my mom's favorite way to eat her Honey crackers is with a banana and Aldi bananas have been $0.29/lb ($0.20/lb less than at our grocery store), she can enjoy savings while she eats them together as well.

Funny Coincidence

Last week I had posted a recipe at my daughter's blog, Nurturing Cuisine, for Indoors S'mores made in a toaster oven.  I was surprised to find a recipe on the back of the Aldi Honey Graham box for "Graham Snackers" which are s'mores made in the oven; and below that is a "Smores Outdoors" recipe.

The Ingredient Panels
Aldi Benton's

Honey Maid

I am anxious to try many more of Aldi brand products and enjoy coupon savings without the coupons!

I would like to thank Cheryl from Simply CVS for sharing this review of the Aldi's graham crackers, the Benton's Cookies Honey Graham Crackers.


  1. Aldi used to have Cambridge Graham Crackers until a month or two ago when they switched to Benton Graham Crackers. The Cambridge Graham Crackers were excellent quality. I liked them, bought them all the time. Now they have Benton Graham Crackers. Hard as a rock, poor quality, lacking in flavor, smaller in size, smaller package, just not good. Someone has fucked up the graham crackers. Country of origin not stated on the package. I think these may be coming from Mexico. I am searching for real graham crackers. These are not it.

    1. Thank you for saying that! I have been looking for the country of origin myself, glad somebody else noticed.

  2. Benton just changed their grahm crackers to a thinner, smaller cracker. These are disguisting!!!!!

  3. I am a loyal fan of Nabisco HoneyMaid Grahm Crakers I told my mom I did not like off bran cookies, so she challenged my HoneyMaid grahms against her Benton's and I fell in luv with them as well as the animal crakers. Benton has stole my cookie heart.