Thursday, February 3, 2011

Aldi Shopping Trip Saved $12- Aldi Savings Linky 2/2

Produce at Aldi
I went to do my bi-weekly stock up at Aldi yesterday, as Aldi has the best prices on produce, dairy and staples that I cannot use coupons for.

Besides Aldi I usually shop at Target and Publix, so the savings I have listed is compared to the best price at the competitor.

The grocery prices in South Florida, always seem to be higher in South Florida, and there were no dirt cheap bananas for me, and even the potato price had increased.

10 lb Potatoes $3.79
Skim Milk $1.99

Ice Burg Lettuce $1.19
Baby Carrots $0.69
5.56 lb of Bananas $1.89
Avocado $0.49
Avocado $0.49 
Cucumber $0.65
Broccoli $0.99
Frozen Corn $0.65
Potato Puffs $1.79
Crinkle Cut Fries $1.79
Whole Wheat Bread $1.19
Whole Wheat Bread $1.19
Chicken Drumsticks $4.10 ($1.29/lb)
Large Eggs $0.99
Large Eggs $0.99 

Total  $25.72 
Total Saved $12.39 (Compared to lowest price at Publix or Target)

While the savings of $12+ might not seem like much, these are products that I would usually buy at Publix or Target without coupons, so I did shave $12 off my grocery trip.

Check out the complete Grocery Price Comparison List to see how I calculated the savings.

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  1. Wow, .49 for avocado is great. Last time I was there, they were 1.00 ea but I did get a bah of Sweet Potatoes for .49. A whole bag. .49!