Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aldi Product Review: Aldi Diapers - Lullabies Diapers $5.49

Aldi lullabies diapers
I recently ran low on diapers for my 20 month-old son , and I had not found any great sales, so I decided to give the Aldi diapers a try. The Aldi diapers are sold under the brand Lullabies, and I was curious as to what to expect.

At $5.49 for a jumbo sized bag of diapers the Aldi diapers are definitely the cheapest around at regular price, and while I can usually get diapers cheaper when I stock up on sale with coupons or mail-in-rebates, $5.49 for a pack of diapers surely beats the regular price of $11.99+ for a jumbo bag of name brand diapers. 

There are 31 diapers in a jumbo bag of Aldi diapers size 4, which means that each diaper cost $0.18 (Compare that with $0.35 for a name brand diaper a regular price). A jumbo bag of Aldi diapers size 3 has 36 diapers in it ($0.15 per diaper).

Aldi diapers
Now the big questions is, does the Aldi diapers hold up as well as name brand diapers?

My answer: Definitely! In all honesty, if I could not get name brand diapers or other store brand diapers cheaper at times on sales and with coupons (I just got a Mega Pack of CVS diapers for $3.07 on clearance last week), I would definitely stick to Aldi diapers.

When it comes to diapers for my little one, there are a few criteria I always considder.

  • What is the price per diaper?
  • Is it comfortable for my little one? (Does it cause rashes etc.)
  • Does the diaper leak? (How many leak accidents per pack?)
  • Does the diaper give up an odor when wet (besides the normal odor:))?
  • Does the diaper sag when wet?
  • Does the diaper easily leak it's yucky gel content
  • Does the diaper have an elastic back?

I have found four diaper brands that hold up against my criteria: CVS brand diapers, Target brand diapers, Huggies Ultratrim and now Aldi diapers. 

  • Out of a bag of 31 diapers we had 1 accident.
  • There is no specific odor from the diaper, which other brands (none of which have been mentioned above) have. 
  • The diaper holds on well, even when wet or full, and it does not sag unnecessarily.
  • I did not have any latches come apart, which is a big plus.
  • I did not encounter any leaks of the yucky gel content. If you have ever had one of those leaks (or perhaps had a diaper in the washing machine) you will know what I am talking about. 
  • The diaper has an elastic back. This is a feature, which was difficult to find, when I had my oldest son almost nine years ago, and in Europe I had a difficult time finding the elastic backs as well. In my own experience I have noticed that the elastic backs help prevent leaks in the back. 

Aldi lullabies diapers elastic waistband
Aldi Diapers: Elastic Back

My conclusion when it comes to the Aldi diapers is that they are just as good as any of my favorite diapers regardless of brand, and the Aldi diapers definitely beat diapers that I for one reason or another is not a fan of in many more areas than just the price. 

When I took three of my favorite diapers and put them next to each other, they could have been manufactured by the same company. They are extremely similar in every way, except for the brand image

I have already touched on the price, but to convince you further about the price differences, see the chart below. 

Diapers Brand Aldi Publix Target Walmart CVS Walgreens Huggies Ultratrim Pampers Baby Dry Luvs
Size 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Count #36 #36 #36 #36 #36 #36 #36 #36 #36
Cost $5.49 $7.99 $6.29 $5.97 $8.99 $9 $11.99 $11.99 $10.49
Price per diaper $0.15 $0.22 $0.17 $0.17 $0.25 $0.25 $0.33 $0.33 $0.29
Coupons? No Rarely Rarely No No Rarely Yes Yes Yes 
Sales? No Yes Yes ? Yes Yes Yes YEs Yes 

*Huggies and Pampers prices are based prices at CVS Pharmacy.

Have you tried the Aldi diapers on your little ones? If so, what do you think? What are you looking for in a diaper.


  1. I like them. I've never had any problems with them at all. I do not find them to be quite *as* stretchy around the legs and back as the name brand diapers are, but for my skinny little things that feature always made the pricier diapers fits looser and leak more, so I have always used store brand mostly. With #2 I was given a supply of cloth diapers which I use most of the time, but when we are out and about I use disposables. I never bother trying to stock up though, so I just grab a pack wherever I'm at shopping when the need arises, which i usually aldi or Kroger (I've found their brand on sale for $4.99..regular $6.99.. and I can tell no difference between those and Aldi and Target diapers). I've not tried the CVS brand though, so I will be open to that in the future, especially if I see them on clearance.

  2. Amanda, you are brave to take on cloth diapers. I remember my mom using them on my younger brother and making the switch to disposables:)

    When I had my oldest son I did not realize there was anything called store brand diapers:)

    I just went to check the price at Aldi today, and the price has gone up! They are now $5.49...which fortunately isn't a big change...but still ...

  3. If I would have had to buy the cloth diapers it wouldn't have happened, but we have a great friend who teaches with my husband, and she used to run a diaper shop/laundry service type thing that went out of business. They were just taking up space in her house, so she loaned them to me until she needs them again. I was imagining safety pins and all but these are mostly gDiapers and they are soooo easy. You just fold up the cloth and stick it in and then they velcro on just like a normal diaper. Then you stuff them in a bag and went its full empty it in the wash. It is actually A LOT less trouble than I thought it would be. I'm hoping to get her potty trained over the summer though. I just dont think they make panties in her size. She's barely 23 lbs and will be 21mo on tuesday! LOL

  4. I think I have to try these, I'm not happy with my current diaper choice. honeypie411 at yahoo dot com

  5. I found that the two packages (one a while ago and one last week) I had had a horrible odor to them. :( I'm debating if the price is worth another try.

  6. Ketten, that surely sounds strange. I have this issue with one of the big brands, but I did not smell anything on the Aldi diapers that we have tried.

  7. I am using walgreen diapers right now and they have been good so far, no leaks yet. They have elastic back, notice they sag a bit when really full after all night. I got them on sale size 4 #31 pack at 4.99 less $2 walgreens store coupon, rare to get only had one but you can use for multiple packs with one coupon, so for 3 packs were $2.99 each.

  8. I had a diaper cake made for my baby shower with the lullabies diapers. I was leary of using them because a lot of diapers leak through the nite, when they're soaked. Not this diaper. I LOVE THEM! Thicker than most diapers and never leak! Glad I found where to buy these diapers finally! Buy them, try them, you'll love them!

  9. A diaper cake with Aldi diapers, love that idea!