Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Aldi Savings Linky - Saved $8 - Link Up Your Shopping Trip

This afternoon I made a quick stop at Aldi. Unfortunately Aldi was out of the Aldi orange juice that I usually buy, so I just ended up picking up the Aldi Orange juice in carafe, which I love....but it is more expensive, so I only got one. I do have some coupons for Target, that will get their orange juice down to $1.80, so I can still get orange juice for everyone. Since I was in a rush, I forgot to pick up the $0.49 garden salad, but we still have some left from last week, so it is not a total catastrophe. I did notice that Aldi finally lowered the price on ice burg lettuce again.

I did not find any meat markdowns, and I there were no salmon, so no meat at Aldi for my family this week. 

I also noticed that the diapers and the flour had increased, and Aldi eggs are still $1.29 in South Floria. I therefore picked up eggs at Target, since they have them on sale at $1.19 this week.

My Aldi Shopping Trip:

Aldi Orange Juice in Carafe $2.39
Apple juice $1.29
1 gallon Aldi milk $1.99
Potato puffs $1.79
Hot dog buns $0.79
Whole Wheat Bread $1.29
Whole Wheat Bread $1.29 
Aldi "Oreos" $1.49
Flour tortilla $0.99
Strawberries $1.59
Strawberries $1.59
2.19 lb Bananas @ $0.44/lb =  $0.96

Total out of pocket $17.56
Total saved $8

My total savings are based on the lowest price at the competitors. 

Check out the grocery price comparison list to see how Aldi's prices compare.

I would love to hear about your shopping trip. You can link up below or leave a comment.

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  1. Our diapers went up too...and just about everything else =(