Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Aldi Ad - 4/27 (New Aldi Prices Starts 4/25 For Some)

Although Aldi is closed today, so the new Aldi ad will be still starting tomorrow Monday 4/25 for some of you. Before I dive into the new Aldi Ad I would like to wish all of you and your families a Happy Easter

Aldi continues it great garden sale, and there are some great prices on Gardenline products this week.

Below is a snapshot of some of the produce price variations from across the country where the produce prices starts Sunday. Those of us, where the new produce price starts on Wednesday can expect to see similar produce prices, although the specific prices vary from region to region.   

See a list of states by Weekly Aldi Ad Start Date

My South Florida Aldi price predictions: Avocado $0.89, Mangoes $0.99, Strawberries $1.49, Cantaloupe $1.49, Bananas $0.44 (Please don't hold it against me, if I am wrong)

Milford, MA Ad starts Sunday 4/25
Produce Prices:

Cantaloupe $0.99

Strawberries $1.89
Mangoes $0.69 

Avocados $0.89

Bananas $0.44/lb

Birmingham, AL - Aldi Ad Starts Sunday 4/25
No ad yet!

Greenville, OH Ad starts Sunday 4/25
Produce Prices:

Cantaloupe $0.99

Strawberries $1.49

Mangoes $0.49 

Avocados $0.99

Bananas $0.44/lb

Amherst, NY Ad starts Sunday 4/17

Cantaloupe $1.49

Strawberries $1.99
Mangoes $0.69 

Avocados $1.29

Bananas $0.44/lb

Lansing, MI Ad starts Sunday 4/17

Cantaloupe $1.19

Strawberries 2 for $3
Mangoes 2 for $1

Avocados $0.89

Bananas $0.44/lb

Mama Cozzi’s Stone Baked Spinach & Goat Cheese Pizza $2.99

CROSS COUNTRY SALE- Special Buys Starts 4/27

Aldi Special Buys
Nature’s Nectar Diet Cranberry Juice 64 oz $1.89
Millville Blueberry Frosted Shredded Wheat $1.89

Millville Oat Squares Cereal $2.19

Nature’s Path Organic Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola $2.69

Breakfast Best Brown & Serve Sausage Patties $0.89
Breakfast Best French Toast Bites $1.99
De Wafelbakkers Blueberry Pancakes $2.99
Season’s Choice Potatoes O’Brien $1.69
Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost Fruit Smoothie $2.69
Millville Fruit & Grain Cereal Bars $1.89
Millville Fiber Now Chewy Bars $1.89
Kellogg’s Pop Tarts Assortment $1.79

Kirkwood Boneless Chicken Chunks $4.99
Mama Cozzi’s Stone Baked Spinach & Goat Cheese Pizza $2.99

Cooper’s Onion Petals $1.79
Grandessa Signature Premium Dips $2.69
Lunch Mate Brown Sugar Ham Tub $2.69
L’oven Fresh Sweet Wheat Loaf Bread $1.99

Grandessa Signature Praline Cups $3.99
Heller & Strauss Tutti Frutti Jar $3.99
Boulder Hot Cups and Lids $1.99

Special Buys - Non groceries:

One-Gallon Perennial Assortment $4.99

Gardenline Basket Hanger $9.99

Gardenline 10" Stake Planters $14.99

Gardenline Upside-Down Tomato Planter  $4.99

Gardenline Trellises $9.99

Gardenline Shepherd Hooks $7.99

Gardenline Coco-Lined Hanging Baskets $3.99

Gardenline 15" Planters $9.99

Gardenline Decorative Planters $9.99

Gardenline Coco-Lined Trough Planter $6.99

Gardenline 18" Watering Wand $5.99

Gardenline Watering Globes $4.99

Keter Easy Go Garden Cart $18.99

ASB Greenworld All Purpose Potting Soil $3.99

Timberline Cypress Mulch Blend $2.49

St. Cloud Density Pillow $5.99

St. Cloud Full/Queen or King Patch Quilt Set $24.99-29.99

St. Cloud Two-Piece Reversible Bath Rug Set $9.99
Kitchen Living 11" Professional Style Frying Pan $14.99

 Kitchen Living 7-Quart Cast Aluminum Dutch Oven $19.99

Special Buys - Not Available At All Locations
10" Flowering Hanging Baskets $5.99

New Low Prices:

Dakota's Pride Flavored Baked Beans $1.19 (Was $1.29)

Continued Aldi Price Cuts:
Countryside Creamery Butter Quarters $2.29 (Was $2.49)

Wonderful or Southern Grove Pistachios $5.99 (Was $6.29)

Bake House creations Crescent Rolls $0.99 (was $1.29)

Friendly Farms Probiotic Lowfat Yogurts $1.69 (Was $1.79)
Countryside Creamery Butter Quarters $2.29 (Was $2.49)

Chef's Cupboard Scalloped or AuGratin Potatoes $0.89 (Was $0.99)

Brookdale Chicken & Dumplings $1.89 (Was $1.99)

Fit Active  2 % Shredded Cheese 12 oz $2.39 (Was $2.69)

Southern Grove Trail Mix $1.75 (Was $1.79)

Casa Mamita Taquitos $3.99 (Was $4.29)

Advertised Prices in Paper Ad (May not be available at all locations)

Aunt Maple's Buttermilk Pancake mix 32 oz $1.49

Berryhill Pancake Syrup (original or lite) 24 oz $1.49

Breakfast best Pork sausage Links (Regular or maple) 12 oz. $2.29

L'oven Fresh Plain English Muffins 12 oz $0.99

Nature's Nectar Diet Cranberry Juice 64 oz $1.89

You can see the Aldi New Low Prices ad here.
You can see your local Aldi Ad here.

Check out the grocery price comparison, to see where you can find the best prices on the grocery staples.

See a list of states by Weekly Aldi Ad Start Date

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  1. I love the stake planters in the add. Those would be perfect for my yard.

  2. I am loving all the garden stuff for such great prices!