Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Aldi Shopping Trip - $0.49 Salad - Aldi Savings Linky - Link Up Your Grocery Trip

Getting shopping done this week is like having to jump hurdles, but I am getting it done hurdle at a time. Since my five-year-old son's accident at the playground last Saturday, I feel as if my mind is going crazy. Having to juggle doctor's appointments and hospital bills on top of the regular craziness of motherhood just seems to take away my last sense of sanity.

We just got the basics at Aldi this week, but since I have not been able to find any juice on sale for a while and my stock is no longer existent, I ended up buying both apple juice and Aldi's Tropical Splash. My oldest son grabbed the strawberries, and since there were no good meat deals, I just grabbed the salmon.

Skim milk $1.99
3 x OJ @ $1.79 each = $5.37
Splash juice $1.69
Apple juice $1.29
Aldi Frosted Flakes $1.69

Potato Puffs $1.79
Wild Caught Salmon $3.69
Whole wheat bread $1.29
3 lb sweet potatoes $0.99
Garlic $0.99
2.55 lb Bananas $1.12
Little Salad Bar Garden Salad $0.49
Little Salad Bar Garden Salad $0.49
4 Plaintains $1
Cucmber $0.59
Strawberries $1.59
Strawberries $1.59

Total out of pocket $27.76
Total saved $17

 My total savings are based on the lowest price at the competitors. 

Check out the grocery price comparison list to see how Aldi's prices compare.

I would love to hear about your shopping trip. You can link up below or leave a comment.


  1. Got everything on my list but they stopped selling my deep dish pie shells =( "seasonal" It's almost Easter. They were stocking hams like mad, and I can't have pie shells??? LOL

  2. oh btw, I didn't get my aldi sale items posted this week, but i listed the prices in that post.

  3. Do any of you know what is done with leftover special purchases/seasonal stock at Aldi? Do they return it to the manufacture or do they put the items on sale. I wanted to get one or two of the raised bed kits, but I did not like them for $30. If they went on sale I would probably buy them.

    I was really disappointed on my last trip to Aldi. they were out of the oranges and the spinach, two of the items I went there to purchase. But Aldi does not have to worry about getting my dollars. I managed to spend $90.45, not all of this was on food items. I did stock up on butter, and I bought two more packages of the salmon. I did not buy the eggs they were on sale at my regular store for .99. I thought the price of their meet was very high. I also bought ground beef at my regular store for $1.99 for the 85/15 mix, I think Aldi wanted over $3.00 for the same grind.

  4. Sorry to hear about your son, JRFrugalmom! I hope he's doing ok!

    During busy weeks, such as yours, I think ALDI is the perfect place to shop. Even with the rising prices, it's such a quick & easy way to save! :-)

  5. Amanda, I hope you get your pie shells back:) I have been waiting for the cocoa powder to return to my shelves.

    June, I am not sure what they do with the items, but I am pretty sure they keep on selling them at the regular price until they are gone, except for certain seasonal items that get marked down.

    I also missed the oranges last week, but I did manage to snag some spinach.

    I only bought salmon this week as the meat prices were high, but keep your eyes open for stickers with $ off - when the meat is marked down you can get a great deal.

    Donna, thank you for asking. He is doing fine, in fact he is bouncing around so much that I have to remind him about the broken arm. We just went to get a permanent cast on this morning.

    Then we went shopping:)

  6. Children are so resilient. I pray he heals quick.
    Thanks for hosting the Linky.

  7. My Aldi had the spiral hams for $1.49/lb and then $5 off at register. It ended up making my ham less than $1 per pound. I've had them in the past and they are delicious. I don't know how I could beat this price on that type ham.

  8. Barb, where did you see the information about the $5. off?

  9. Yes, Barb I have seen those stickers off the ham too, but my husband is taking a break from I had to pass.

    June, sometimes the sticker will be on the individual products, but I have also seen a sign written by hand where it said a certain $ number off the ham in the frozen section. Once you discover these stickers, you will always be hunting for them.

  10. Thanks for the info now I know where to look