Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unadvertised Aldi Deals: Bananas, Salad and Meat Bargains

Aldi is the place for bargains, but quite often the best way to save at Aldi is through unadvertised bargains. 

My local South Florida Aldi store had ripe bananas on BOGO sale. Yes, you read that right. A BOGO sale at Aldi. Keep in mind that these were ripe bananas, but still at $0.22/lb they would be great for baking. I seriously considered picking some up for banana bread, but I knew they would have to be used that same day or the next, and baking banana bread just could not fit into my schedule.

This week I also found of in-store  Aldi markdowns on ground beef. Not good enough for me to pick it up, since I still have ground beef in the freezer, but still at a great per pound price.

5.25 lbs of (73/27) ground beef  at 2.19/lb
  = $11.51 - $2 Markdown = $9.51 = $1.81/lb

2.38 lb of (85/15) ground beef at $2.99/lb = $7.12 - $2 off  = $5.12 = $2.15/lb)

I also discovered that my local Aldi store still had the Little Salad Bar Garden Salad bags on sale at $0.49 each.

Although there were no Easter Clearance, I did find a markdown in the Special Buys area. I found comforters marked down about 50 percent.

So next time you are at your local Aldi Store. Look around, you never know what you might find.


  1. Bananas can be frozen until you are ready to make banana bread. I just throw the whole banana with peel in the freezer. Others peel and put in bag. When ready to bake, just pop in microwave to thaw. This is a great way to salvage food that is over ripe.

  2. What a great tip dwolters, I had not thought about that. Thanks!