Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aldi Product Feature: Hot Aldi Price! Cheap Aldi Eggs

Aldi Eggs $0.69
The first Aldi product feature here at The Aldi Spot, is Aldi's eggs. The price of eggs at Aldi is simply hard to beat, and one of the ways that I use Aldi to stretch my grocery budget far is by stocking up on Aldi eggs.

Every two weeks or so, I will buy four dozen of large eggs at Aldi. My husband loves eggs, and so do my sons, and by purchasing two week's worth of Aldi eggs, I can manage even if I do not get to Aldi every week.

The price of Aldi eggs is $0.69 per dozen. (Update per 1/19 it is $ update per 5/1 it is $1.29 for a dozen Aldi eggs.)

Every two weeks I buy four dozen Aldi eggs @ $0.69 =$2.76

The best price from my regular stores on a dozen eggs is currently Target at $1.57 for a dozen large eggs. You can see the Aldi Price Comparison List here.

If I bought four dozen eggs at Target I would pay 4 x $1.57 = $6.28. This means that by buying eggs at Aldi I currently save $3.52 every two weeks.

Do you have a favorite Aldi product, where you cannot beat the price at any competitor?


  1. Bananas were $.29/# this week--about half the other stores.

  2. I LOVE the baby green beans in the frozen section and at $1.19 for a pound of them, you can't be it! They tastes like fresh.