Sunday, January 23, 2011

Aldi Product Feature: Aldi Oranges - Hot Price $0.99 - $1.19

Aldi Oranges $0.99-$1.19
Aldi always has a great price on oranges, and this week Aldi oranges are sweet and cheap. At my local South Florida Aldi store, 4 lb of naval oranges cost $1.19, but Aldi Price variations have been reported, and Aldi oranges can be found for as low as $0.99 in some areas of the country.

For less the price of what I would have spend on one bag of oranges at the local competitor, I was able to buy 8 lbs of Florida oranges (which makes them local to me). We have lucked out every time we have bought oranges at our local Aldi store, as the oranges have been sweet and almost seedless.

My family loves it, when I cut up our fruit and they can take as much as they want, and my four-year-old and 18-month-old has been having fun practicing their counting with the oranges as well. Last night we made banana orange muffins for our beach trip, and we used the juice from two oranges to make them extra delicious.

Aldi Oranges Ideas
  • Fruit salad with other fruits
  • Add to a regular salad
  • Banana Orange Muffins
  • Orange/Banana Milk shake

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