Monday, March 21, 2011

Aldi Product Review: Season's Choice Whole Breaded Onion Rings $1.89

Aldi onion rings
I love onion rings, but I have never had any success with making my own, and attempting to make them on my own sure is a lot of hassle. So every once in a while, I will buy a bag of pre-made onion rings, and they will usually last us quite a while. I have tried many different brand of onion rings, but to my surprise Aldi's onion rings - the Season's Choice Whole Breaded Onion Rings - have become my favorite.

Now, why would Aldi's onion rings be my favorite? The price? Nope! Save-A-Lot actually have Onions at a better price.

The Aldi onion rings are big, they are crispy, crunchy and they do not sag. When cooked in the oven according to directions they give that perfect crunch, and I sure cannot make them this way myself. I have yet to find a restaurant or fast food place that make their onion rings this way, where you can actually feel, see and taste the onion inside of the crispy breaded crunch, and where you do not have a greasy taste after eating them. So yes I love my onion rings, but they have to come from Aldi.

Aldi onion rings cooked

The regular price for the 16 oz Season's Choice Whole Breaded Onion Rings from Aldi is $1.89, which is between $0.50 and $1 cheaper than onion rings at Target and Publix. Save A Lot do have onion rings for $1.49 (See Aldi vs. Save A Lot Price Comparison), but as I mentioned earlier, I strongly prefer the Aldi onion rings.

This week Aldi has the 16 oz Season Choice Diced Onion Rings on sale at $1.19, and I think I might just have to pick them up and give them a try.

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If you have tried Aldi's onion rings, I would love to hear what you think?
I am always on the hunt for the best onion rings, so I would love to hear, where you get your favorite onion rings from?


  1. Oh, I will have to try these, but I would not even try the diced ones, I want that whole onion in there :-). Thanks for the review, now I know to try them (we don't have them very often, but we do now and again for a special treat).

  2. For some reason, I have never thought about buying onion rings. They have always been a treat when we go to a local estaurant that has wonderful onion rings. I'll have to put these on my shopping list for next week!

  3. My husband likes these, usually as a late night snack. He would always beg me to pick them up but they were so costly and so few in the bag. I noticed them at Aldi once (I think they may have been on sale even cheaper, but thats about what they cost over here). He liked them, so he is able to have them more often now that I found them there. I'll have to try them next time he makes some. I've never been an onion ring fan, but we had some my mom ordered at Chili's the other night and they were phenomenal, and I want some more..hehe.

  4. These look tasty - not soggy at all.

  5. Love the whole onion rings but cannot find them all the time, same with Priano frozen 1 lb.tortellini, cannot find them either all the time. If they are an Aldi's brand why can't the stores be stocked, I'm talking about Arl. Hts. on Golf rd.

  6. These are the best heat and serve onion rings. Unfortunately they are no longer to be found at Aldis.