Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aldi Shopping Trip - Great Meat Markdown

Aldi Groceries

I have come to rely on Aldi for a lot of our produce and staples, and even though I fill up my cart at Aldi, I am always surprised to see how much food I get for my money. My eight-year-old son got very excited, when he discovered the $0.99 price tag for strawberries, and he could not wait to finish dinner, so that he could dive into the many strawberries we bought.

Last time grapes were on sale, I only bought 2 pounds, but this time I knew better, so I bought 4 lbs, and I was not disappointed. The grapes are just as sweet as the last ones, and they will soon be gone.

Today was the first time that I bought Aldi diapers in the US (I tried the European ones on my middle son years ago), but my 19-month-old son's Huggies training pants are not doing their job at night, so I hope the Aldi diapers will come through for the night time. I will make sure to write a Aldi diaper review, once we have tested them for a while.

I also spotted one of those marked down meat packages that Amanda from Saving Myself silly always talks about, and I ended up picking up four times the amount of ground beef that I had first picked out for only $2 more.

Aldi Produce

This is what I bought at Aldi

3 lb gala apples $1.99

3 x $0.99 strawberries $2.97

2 lb green grapes $1.69

2 lb red grapes $1.69

2 lb red onions $1.59

5.7 lb of bananas $2.22

Orange juice $1.79

Orange juice $1.79

1 gallon skim milk $1.99

Apple juice $1.29

1 dozen large Aldi eggs $0.99

Hot dog buns $0.79

Whole wheat bread $1.19

Whole wheat bread $1.19
Table salt $0.35

2.52 lb of Chicken drumsticks $1.29/lb $3.25

73 percent ground beef $11.96 - $4 discount = $7.96

Diapers $5.39

Total out of pocket $40.56

Saved $26  
compared to the competitors' prices (See the grocery price comparison list)

I would love to hear about your shopping trip this week.


  1. Awesome! I get their diapers when I need them. I use cloth mostly, but not when we are out and about. They seem to do fine. No complaints from me. I can't wait to go get some grapes and more strawberries. My last two froze in the fridge. The teething one loves that though. ;)

  2. amanda c in the middle of nowhereMarch 31, 2011 at 4:22 PM

    I like to find marked down meat, too!

  3. Thanksgiving time is the only time I've found markdown meat ... and it was chicken breast $2 off per package. Pretty fair deal. No need for the diapers here (thankfully!) but I really like their baby wipes ... I'm hooked on them now, actually. We usually buy the charmin ones but these are half the price and so much better! Moist, large and thick and the package does not dry out (opened for a month now and still good) ... heading there this weekend to get milk while it's still cheap, Publix has a gallon at $3.75. Geesh.

  4. I just found your site. LOVE it!!!. I love Aldi and look forward to reading much more here.

  5. Yay! :) Aldi's is where I get most of my produce, too!

  6. I LOVE the picture of your produce! It looks wonderful! :-)

    I'll have to peek at the meat section of our ALDI when I shop. I haven't really been buying much meat there...but I'll be watching for those markdowns, now! Thanks! :-)

  7. Wow I will have to check these out. Thanks

  8. Oops forgot my email