Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aldi Recipes: Homemade Potato Salad - Cheap Recipe Linky

When I discovered how fresh my bargain red potatoes from Aldi were, I knew they would be perfect for homemade potato salad, so I started my not-so favorite task of peeling potatoes. When I was a  little girl, this was one of my first paid home task....peeling potatoes, and now I understand why my mother would pay me to do this job. My dad actually tried to make peeling potatoes easier by buying an electrical potato peeler, but it turned out to take a while, make more mess than it was worth, and the only thing it works on is new potatoes.

The $0.49 5 lb red potatoes come from Forest Park, Gerorgia, and they are perfect. No dents, black spots etc., and they are actually easy to peel.

Potato Salad:
5 lb new potatoes
1/2 cup sugar
1 tbsp flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 - 1 tsp ground mustard
1/4 tsp pepper
3/4 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup water
2 eggs
2-3 cups of low fat sour cream and/or low fat yogurt

  1. Boil potatoes until tender, drain and cool
  2. While the potatoes are boiling, add the following in a small pot: sugar, flour, salt, mustard powder, pepper, vinegar and water. Bring to boil over medium heat and constant stirring, boil and stir for 2 minutes.
  3. In a small bowl whisk eggs slightly with a fork. 
  4. After the vinegar mixture has boiled for 2 minutes add a small amount to the eggs and stir, then pour the entire egg mixture into the small pot. Whisk for 1 - 2 minutes or until the mixture is thick. Cool down and add sour cream. 
Sauce before the sour cream has been added

5. Once everything is cooled cut potatoes into small bite size pieces and turn in the mixture carefull. Cut chives and add to the potatoes.

 The potato salad is perfect when it is cold, and it is great for potlucks, picnics and family gatherings.

 Cost of Homemade Potato Salad:

I lucked out, when I found a great Aldi sale on red potatoes this past Wednesday. 5 lbs of red potatoes for $0.49! This means that our potato salad is extremely cheap, whereas it would normally have cost around $3 depending on the cost of potatoes and the cost of ingredients.

I had all the ingredients on hand, and fresh chives from the garden. I was actually low on sour cream, so I added two plain Greek yogurt cups as well. I had gotten them free with a coupon at Publix, so it was a great frugal solution.

If you have any frugal or cheap recipes you would like to share, I would love to check them out. 


  1. I have found that peeling is much easier with the OXO potato peeler (they have them at Target and on Amazon). It is SO much faster and your hand doesn't hurt! My 7-year-old loves using it; he willingly peeled turnips for me for 3 hours yesterday (he did over 15 pounds). Having a better peeler makes ALL the difference!

    I have lots of red potatoes right now that need to be used; this looks delicious!

  2. This looks so yummy! I linked my easy bread sticks recipe, I use the .99 flour from Aldi's.

  3. Prudent Homemaker, you are so very right about having a good peeler, it makes all the difference in the world. I did not realize how bad the one I was using was until I bought a new one. The one I just bought is Zyliss and was on sale at Publix...great peeler

    I have some of these new potatoes....(mine are from Publix and cost a lot more!)...I plan to make potato salad but I plan to leave the skins on. I will just give them a cosmetic clean up here and there with a sharp knife and they will be fine unpeeled.

    Is there someway to be notified when someone post to one of these threads? I find the comments posted very interesting and helpful. I see this at the botton of this page "subscribe to: Post comments(Atom" but it does not seem to be working for me. About all I know how to do on the computer is turn it on....thus my using Anon, I don't know what the other options mean!


  4. I agree about the peeler. I actually have a great Kitchen aid peeler, which I got for free at Club Bing a year ago. It makes a big difference compared to the peeler I used as a child, but it does not make me love peeling potatoes:)

    I actually thought about leaving the skin on June, but I did not realize how fresh the potatoes were until after I started peeling. You are right about the Publix price though. There was no sign on them yesterday, so I asked....$4....something!

    June, I think you have to be signed in to a google account to be able to use the subscribe function to the comments. One thing you can do is subscribe to the email newsletter, where you will get all the new posts notifications once a day, but it will not let you know, if there is a response to your comment.

  5. We don't have Aldi's here. But your recipe looks yummy so I'm going to bookmark it to give it a try soon!

  6. JRF, yes I get the notification when you do a new post, just not when a comment is added. I do have google I will see if I can figure out how to work it to get the updates. Thank you

    I just commented on your flour review and also read your review about salmon. I can't believe the price! I love fish, any fish, if my So FL Aldi has salmon for $3.69 a pound I will just have to buy a freezer and stock up. I would be happy if I could find salmon for $5.00 a pound

    The recipe for the dressing on your potato salad brought back old memories. I have not seen a recipe for "boiled dressing", I don't think ever! My mother used to make a dressing like this years and years ago, if I told you how many years ago you would really know how many memories it stirred. She made this dressing because "real mayo" was too expensive. My mother wrote the book on frugal, not cheap, but frugal, before it was fashionable.

    I have a Kitchen Aid peeler that I though was great until I stumbled on the Zyliss, keep your eye peeled for one. As I said, I got mine in the closeout basket at the front of my Publix.


  7. June, the Salmon went on sale a few weeks ago, but I looked this week and it was still at the same low price on Wednesday.

    I actually found this recipe years ago, in an attempt to find a recipe like the one my mother used back in Europe (although her's came from a bag at the grocery store), until then I had never tried making it myself. I have adjusted the recipe quite a bit though, as it was too sweet initially.

    I'm definitely going to check out the Zyliss...anything that makes my life easier is great.

  8. mmmmmmm...I'm ready for potato salad and grilling season!


  9. Now that spring is here this salad is perfect for these warmer days!

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