Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aldi Shopping Spring Break Version - Link Up Your Aldi Trip

It has been a long week at my house, and I sure need a vacation. I usually go Aldi shopping on Wednesdays, but this week we had no car. The car has been in the shop since Wednesday morning, and we still have not gotten it back. My husband is not a happy camper this week, so our upcoming camping trip has been canceled and instead we will be going to a nice resort right after spring break. We tried getting a spot this coming week, but apparently tourism in South Florida is going well, as everything is booked up between Key Largo and Key West. We even had an extremely difficult time getting a rental car, while our car was at the mechanic. Again, everything was booked, and we finally found a local car dealer, who actually gave us a better rate than any of the big companies....and he had a car available.

So this morning we took the small rental car to Aldi, and I did another round of speed shopping this week. Since my eight-year-old son will be home every day, I knew I had to stock up on fruits, as he goes through a lot.

My Aldi Shopping

4.48 lbs of bananas $1.74
3 lbs apples $2.49
4 lb Naval oranges $1.59
4 lb Naval oranges $1.59
4 Avocados @ $0.75 = $3
10 lbs of Russett Potatoes $3.59
1 gallon Aldi milk $1.99
64 oz OJ $1.79
64 oz OJ $1.79
Lemon juice $1.59
Apple juice $1.29
5 lb Aldi flour $1.49
Marshmallows $0.89
Benita Tortillas 8 ct $0.99
Benita Tortillas 8 ct $0.99
Tortilla Chips $0.99
Whole Wheat bread $1.19
Whole Wheat bread $1.19
Hot dog buns $0.79
2 x Dozen Aldi Eggs @ $0.99 = $1.98

Subtotal $34.14
Tax $0.34
Total $34.48

Estimated savings $17.95 (based on the grocery price comparison list)

See my total weekly Grocery Shopping totals here.


  1. Glad you were able to get a rental car! I hope your real car is back soon!

    Thanks for the link-up!

    Your milk was a better price than ours this week ($2.09/gal) but we had a great deal on Avocados $0.49 each! Only wish I had bought more! :-)

  2. Thanks for the link up. I did my kroger trip, but i also made a quick trip into aldi to get a few last minute items for dinner that we didnt realize we needed and grab the few things on my list (I planned to go the following morning). Spent only about $22 on everything i needed for the week. =)

  3. Thanks Donna, it's still in the shop:( I noticed some of you had fabulous prices on avocados....I'm not complaining though, 75 cents is a great price down here.

    Amanda, isn't it amazing how much you can get for your money at Aldi. I seriously saw a lot of happy people leaving Aldi this morning....probably smiling about all the food they got for their money.

  4. It's ridiculous how cheap stuff is. My parents were in awe of the produce prices. They actually brought an ice chest and stopped on their way out to buy milk and eggs for the whole family before heading back to Louisiana.

  5. I'm a little late getting here! I can't believe your oranges are only 1.57! Ours are usually around 2.99! Anyways, I made a BIG Aldi trip an the 9th and got hmmmm...well, how can I explain this...I like to stock up on canned goods once a year or so, so that I always have what I need, when I need it. My sister was in town this week, so I drug her to Aldi so she could push the baby and I could load the cart with as many canned goods as I possibly could! I think I ended up with around 220 canned goods, along with other things I needed for the week so here's my list (at least what I can remember):
    220 various canned goods (think black beans, tropical fruit, pinapple, tomatoes, etc)
    fresh spinach
    refrigerated tortellini
    2lbs pork ribs
    2 milk
    2 graham cracker
    1 bag potato chips
    6 box onion soup mix
    6 taco seasoning packets
    3 brown gravy mix

    Usually I am very conscious of my budget, but when I go for my annual stock-up trip, I just get whatever I know we'll use. I pretty much crammed as much stuff as I could possibly fit into the cart and by the looks of it, I was hoping to stay under 200.00, but I was afraid I would end up around 230.00 because it was SO MUCH STUFF! But when she pushed the total button it was: 143.00 I was amazed! Anywhere else and my total would have been at least double that! I love ALDI (and my very large pantry!!)!

  6. M I know your grocery cart was full for $143 at Aldi:) Canned goods are seriously cheap at Aldi compared to elsewhere.

    I recently stocked up on canned goods at Publix (black beans, corns and peas were about 15 cents after coupons and sale, so I got 90 cans. The week after I bought 25 cans of tomatoes, and now my pantry is full...

    I usually buy black beans at Aldi, but the price at Publix after coupons and sale was just too good to pass.