Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hot Price Alert - Today Only! $0.49 Produce!!!!

I just came back from my local South Florida Aldi Store, and I lucked out big time! I missed out on last week's great onion and red potato sale, since our car was at the mechanic. But, but, but I just got an even better deal today.

5 lb Red Potatoes $0.49

3 lb Yellow Onion $0.49

Avocados $0.49 each

Now this might be a sale only at my South Florida Aldi store, and it is only TODAY! However, I suggest you give your local Aldi Store a call, or if you are close by pay them a visit.

Did any of you luck out today as well?


  1. Wow! What great deals! None of that was advertised over here. maybe your store had overstock? I'll let you know if I find any of it but not today. we spent the day at the zoo and I'm exhausted..LOL.

  2. Amanda, a day at the zoo sounds like a lot of fun...and yes exhaustion for mom:)

    I am sure it must be the leftovers from last week's sale, and I sure hope this is a trend.

  3. This is fantastic!...and just when we thought our Madison area 5 lb. red potatoes at $0.99 was unbeatable! :-)

    So happy for you!

    I hope to get to our Aldi again, tomorrow. I'm seeing some great prices on produce (mostly fruit) in our ad this week! :-)

  4. I told Elizabeth you got the potatoes so inexpensively and asked if the ones she got were that price...she said "NO! I can't remember what they were, but they weren't that!"