Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great Deals on Fruits at Aldi This Week - Strawberries & Oranges $1.49

I almost did not go to Aldi today, because I was exhausted after a long Tuesday. I needed more fruits though, and the prices at Publix and Target were over the top on most items. I am so relived that I went, because I found some great deals on fruits at Aldi this week. I am working on updating the Grocery Price Comparison list, so hopefully I will have a new updated version up later on tonight.

Strawberries 1 lb $1.49
Pineapple $1.69
Naval Oranges 4 lbs $1.49
Gala Apples 3 lbs $1.99
Mushrooms $1.09
Little Salad Bar Italian Salad or Caesars $0.89
Grapefruit $0.29 each

The rest of the prices had not changed much, and some of the regular great prices could still be found including.

1 gallon milk $1.99
64 oz orange juice $1.79
Dozen eggs $0.99
Flour $1.49
Bananas $0.39/lb

All of the above prices are from my local South Florida Aldi store, and South Florida prices are usually a bit higher than in the rest of the country. You can find the location of the South Florida Aldi stores here.

Amanda over at Saving Myself Silly has posted some of the great prices from her local Dallas Aldi stores.

If you have found any great deals at your local Aldi Store this week, I would love to hear about them. It will be very helpful to other Aldi Shoppers, if you could list the state of your Aldi store, whenever you are talking about your prices.

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  1. Northwest Arkansas -
    pineapple - $.99
    strawberries (1 lb.) - $1.69
    apples (3 lbs.) - $1.29
    oranges (4 lbs.) - $1.49
    grapefruit - $.29 ea