Monday, March 28, 2011

Aldi Product Review: Strawberries Hot Aldi Price Alert $0.99 - $1.99 Per LB

I grew up with fresh strawberries in the garden, and before high school I even worked as a strawberry picker one summer. I absolutely love strawberries, but I am often disappointed with the taste of the strawberries I buy at the store. We are in the middle of strawberry season here in South Florida, and Aldi has had some great tasting strawberries for the past couple of weeks, and the Aldi strawberry prices have been pheneomenal as well.

Last Wednesday I picked up two packs of strawberries at Aldi at $0.99 each (South Florida sale in effect until Tuesday 3/29), and I sure wish I had bought more. They were fantastic, sweet, had a perfect strawberry aroma, and what a great price. They looked great the day I picked them up, and my oldest son and I had a bunch for dinner. 

Strawberries with milk and sugar

Fresh strawberries with milk and a dash of sugar.....yummy!

The next morning we had them with our regular cereal, and what a fabulous way it was to wake up.

The following day, we only had a couple of strawberries left, but I made sure my son did not eat them until after I took a photo, because they still looked and tasted great.

Aldi Strawberries from Wish Farms, Plant City, FL - Two Days Old

As a comparison, I have bought several packs of strawberries at a local competitor, who has had them on sale at $1.66 for the past month or so. I have been disappointed with the taste every time, and these strawberries have to be eaten the day they are bought, because they turn moldy overnight. 

The strawberries we picked up last Wednesday at our local South Florida Aldi store came from Wish Farms, Plant City, Florida.

Those of you with produce prices starting on Sunday still have great sales on strawberries this week as well, and I sure hope that the rest of us will get the strawberry sales too. If we do, I will make sure to pick up several packs, as they are great for smoothies too.

Have you lucked out with great tasting Aldi Strawberries?


  1. Wish we had an Aldi's close to us!!!

  2. Goodness, no ~ here in Northern VA (just south of DC), our strawberries were $3.29 last week! YIKES! Needless to say, they stayed right at the store ~ with the $3.99 apples!!

  3. I will have to visit the aldi's near me soon.