Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aldi Product Review: Mercer Chocolate Waves (Aldi Oreos ) $1.49

Aldi oreos mercer chocolate waves
My boys love Oreos, but even with a sale and coupons, I am having a difficult time justifying an Oreo purchase. However, once in a while, I will let my oldest son pick out the weekly snack from Aldi, and on a few occasions he has picked the Aldi oreos, which are called Mercer Chocolate Waves.

When comparing Aldi oreos to the Oreo cookies from Nabisco there are many similarities, but there are also a few differences.

Nabisco Oreos versus Aldi oreos

Nabisco Oreos
18 oz
Comes in many different varieties including fat free and with various including seasonal fillings.
Regular Oreos 160 calories per serving
15 servings per package (2 cookies - 35 grams)
14 grams of sugar per serving
Regular price $2.99 - $3.99

Aldi Oreos
17 oz
Comes in two varieties fudge filled and regular filling
130 calories per serving
18 servings per package (2 cookies - 27 grams)
12grams of sugar per serving
Regular price $1.49

The Mercer Chocolate Waves aka Aldi oreos are basically a tiny bit smaller than regular Nabisco Oreos, but the difference is barely noticeable. When looking at the ingredient contents and nutritional charts for both brands, they are very alike, and any differences are miniscule. 

Neither one of my three kids or myself have been able to notice any difference in taste between the two brand of cookies. The Mercer Chocolate Waves goes great alone, with milk (our Aldi milk is $1.99 per gallon), with water and with ice cream. They are a hit at my house, and my kids love both the chocolate filled cookies as well as the vanilla creme cookies. 

This week Target has Nabisco Oreos on sale at $2.79, and sometimes Publix has Oreos on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.99 - $4.25 (South Florida prices), and even with a $1 coupon, the price is still higher than the Aldi oreos at $1.49.

Even among store brand oreos, Aldi oreos fare the best. 

Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 Column5

Target Aldi Publix
Store Brand Oreos 18 oz $1.79 $1.49 $2.59

My only complaint about the Aldi oreos, is that they do not come in a low fat version.

Have you tried the Aldi Ores also known as Mercer Fudge Filled Chocolate Waves, if so what did you think?

Do you have any favorite Aldi cookies that we should give a try?


  1. Love them at my house, too! They recently opened an Aldi near my parents and my sister ~ they buy the fudge ones, too! My mom loves them. She's the only person I know that can take one or two and leave it at one or two!! =)

    these things are like chips for me ~ I can't eat just one!

  2. The fudge ones are my favorite as well....I think it is a great thing we don't have any in the house right now:)

  3. I really wish you hadn't rated these so high. LOL Now I know I will not be able to pass by them the next time I am in Aldi.

  4. That's so funny Cheryl....I just got the Benton Graham crackers today, because of your review. I also picked up marshmallows, and I am hoping to make smores with the boys this coming week.

  5. Oh, a perfect treat for Spring break! Did you try the Graham Crackers yet?

  6. Low fat, why bother, lol. If I'm going to eat a cookie it's going to be a cooie. Carrot sticks the next day ;)

  7. Our Aldi has double stuffed "oreos" and we prefer them over name brand Oreos.

  8. Michelle, I gotta see if they have that at my Aldi. My boys surely do not discriminate between name brands and Aldi brands anymore:)

  9. Where are you buying your Mercer cookies?. The four stores in my area stopped selling them. I really liked them. I may stop shopping at Aldi if they don't have them back on the shelves soon.

    1. NJ666, I just checked last week and they no longer have them at my South Florida store either. I asked on the Aldi Spot Facebook page, and it seems to be the same thing as in your stores. My suggestion would be to ask your local manager, he might be able to help you out better.

    2. i too loved the mercer cookies. i would make special
      trips to aldi's just to buy the double stuff.
      they are way better than oreos! even got my friends
      and families hooked. well just like some of the
      comments i've read our aldi's in ohio has stopped
      selling them awhile ago. they have benton brand
      that doesnt compare. i no longer see a reason to
      shop aldi's since i only went for these cookies.
      if anyone knows how to get ahold of these cookies please share.

    3. i too miss the mercer cookies. the double stuff was
      so much better than oreos and that was the only reason i went to aldis. i am heartbroken as i sit eating the oreo double stuff that dont compare to the mercer double stuff. i will not buy benton they are not the same. i wonder who made the mercer brand and if you could conact them.