Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aldi Product Review: Aldi Flour - Baker's Corner - Hot Aldi Price $1.78

Aldi Bakers Corner Flour
I do a lot of baking, which is why I am very excited about Aldi's prices on baking items. Before Aldi arrived in South Florida, I would stock up on Gold's flour, whenever the price went under $2, and I would otherwise change between Publix flour at $2.29, or Target flour when it was cheaper (UPDATE: current Target flour price $3.04).

The price on Aldi flour is currently $1.49 (Update 7/13 $1.78) in South Florida, although I have heard reports of it being even cheaper in other parts of the country.

The Aldi flour is sold under the name Baker's Corner, and it is all purpose, enriched, bleached flour.

The ingredient list is short, and comparable to other flour brands, and I have not discovered any difference between Aldi flour, Publix flour, Market Pantry flour (Target), or Gold flour. In fact I think it is completely the same, and the baking results are great no matter what flour brand I use. As long as the end result is great, the brand name says nothing to me. The price; however, is what really matters, and the price on Aldi flour is great.

Product Size Publix Aldi Target Walmart
Flour Store Brand 5 lb $2.29 $1.49 $1.77 $1.74

Ingredients: Enriched Bleached Wheat Flour (niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, robiflavin, folic acid) malted barley flour.

My only regret about flour at Aldi is that they do not have a whole wheat version. I prefer to mix whole wheat and all purpose flour, whenever I bake, which means I still have to buy expensive whole wheat flour elsewhere.

If you have a different price I will make sure to include it.

What is the price of flour at your Aldi store? 
What is the price of store brand flour at your local store?


  1. Does Aldi ever have whole wheat flour, or bread flour? I try to stock up on flour when there is a sale, but sales on flour don't seem to happen very ofter....and almost never on whole wheat or bread flour


  2. Does anybody know of any tree nut cross contamination with Baker's Corner flour?