Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Aldi Price Changes 1/26

These are the latest price changes at my local South Florida Aldi Store. The biggest price decrease was on 3 lb yellow onions, which had decreased to $0.99, and white bread has decreased to $0.89. The price decrease on bread was nothing compared to what Donna from Madison Coupon Connection found though, as she found hot dog buns for $0.10 each, Hamburger buns for $0.20 each and Split Top Wheat Bread for $0.50 each.

Did anyone find similar hot prices on bread?

Product Previous Price Price Change  New Aldi Price Competitor's Best Price
Pineapple $1.69 Minus $0.10 $1.59 Publix $2.99
Oranges 4 lb $1.19 Plus $0.10 $1.29 Publix $2.50
Onions 3 lb $1.79 Minus $0.80 $0.99 Publix $2.99
Potatoes 10 lb $3.29 Plus $0.20 $3.49 n/a
Avocado $1 Minus $0.05 $0.95 Publix $1.50
Apples Golden Del. $1.79 Plus $0.50 $2.29 Publix $3.49 
Apples Gala $1.79 Plus $1.79 $2.99 Publix $3.99
Apples Red Del. $1.79 Plus $0.20 $1.99 Publix $3.49
McIntosh Apples $1.79 Plus $0.50 $2.29 Publix $3.99
White Bread 20 oz $1.29 Minus $0.40 $0.89 Target $0.99
Tortilla chips $1.19 Minus $0.20 $0.99 Walmart $1.49

The above Aldi price changes are what I found at my local South Florida Aldi store, but these should only be used as a guide, as prices vary from region to region. I would love to hear, if any of you found any fabulous price decreases, or some crazy Aldi price increases. Once I hear from some of you, I will make a similar diagram and linking back to your own blogs, if you own a blog.

You can see last week's price change variations report here.

Don't forget to check out the Aldi Price Comparison list, which is updated several times a week, as the new ads go out.


  1. Wow! I hope the prices are the same at our local Aldi store.

  2. Be glad your apples only went up a few cents!! At our Aldi's here in Virginia, they nearly DOUBLED to $3.89 a bag!!! Needless to say, they stayed right at the store!!

  3. Wow, Momwork DC that is quite a price increase, I hope they drop down again soon for you.