Monday, January 24, 2011

Aldi Shopping Tips: New Aldi Shoppers

Most Aldi Shoppers can be divided into three groups, but the one thing that all Aldi Shoppers have in common is that they want to save money.

1) The Loyal Aldi Shopper:  Does not shop with coupons and buys everything that he or she can at Aldi, because it is easy, convenient and the prices are great.

2) The Sales Shopper: Shops sales, and usually has 1 or 2 other grocery stores that he or she frequent besides Aldi.

3) The Coupon Shopping Deal Hunter: This shopper is very aware of where to find the best deals, and most often he or she is an avid couponer, who combines coupons with sales to stock up at the lowest prices. The Coupon Shopping Deal Hunter will buy most products at a very low cost by combining coupons and sales at the regular grocery stores and drugstores, everything else he or she finds at Aldi because of the low prices.

No matter what kind of Aldi shopper you are, you will be saving money by shopping at Aldi.

Aldi Shopping Tips For New Aldi Shoppers

  • Keep your eyes open for price cuts. Here at the Aldi Spot I will be featuring price cuts every week, but they may vary from those at your local store. Even at Aldi there is a big price difference between buying 3 lb of apples for $1.79 or $2.49, and you might be able to find milk marked down to $0.99, if the expiration date is approaching. Check out the latest Aldi Price Cuts right here at the Aldi Spot.

  • Try new Aldi products. Being brand loyal can easily cost you a lot of money, and one of the things that makes Aldi special and cheaper than the other grocery stores, is that Aldi has its own brands. I am personally a fan of most of Aldi's products, and I know you will be too, once you go outside of your brand comfort zone. I can highly recommend trying the Aldi Honey Nut Oats cereal, or perhaps their black beans, even the grape jelly and the Aldi Taters are recommended by my kids. See the Aldi Price Comparison List to see examples of how Aldi prices compare to brand names and other store brand prices.

  • Plan your meals around the price cuts. This is especially important when it comes to produce. This week my kids have been eating lots of fruit salads, we made banana-orange muffins, and we are adding oranges to our salads. When the eggs are down at $0.69 we bake more, and there is even room for omelets and other egg dishes. When the Avocados are on sale at 50 cents, we eat a lot of Mexican dishes, and we even add avocado to our salads.

  •  Stock up when there is a sale/price cut. This goes for all grocery stores, if  you find a great deal - stock up, so that you have enough to last you until the next sale rotation or at least for two weeks. 

  • Use Aldi as a part of your grocery shopping routine. If you have 2 - 4 stores that you frequent every week, you will be able to get the best possible prices on all products. 

Next week's Aldi Shopping Tips post will be an in-depth post on how to use Aldi as part of your grocery shopping routine to get the most out of Aldi shopping.


  1. I am really pretty new to Aldi so this series is great for me.

    I am a couponer, but want to find a simpler way to save.

  2. I love Aldi and have been shopping there for about two months. My grocery bill has gone down so much because of it.

  3. I think I am somewhere between these two. I wish I had more time to go completely to #3!

    2) The Sales Shopper

    3) The Coupon Shopping Deal Hunter

  4. Very useful information! I'm here from your giveaway for the snacks. I love snacks so thanks for the chance!

  5. Thanks for the tips! I guess I'm a loyal Aldi shopper. I shopped there in Germany all the time so shop it here in the US too.

  6. Shellie, I knew Aldi from Europe as well, and my dad shops there all the time. I sure missed having my coupons over there though.