Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aldi Price Comparison List With Publix and Target January 2011

 To help stretch my grocery budget as far as possible, I have compiled the below Aldi price comparison list with Publix and Target. The Aldi prices are constantly changing, but in general all of the Aldi price that are in bold continues to be the lowest compared to Aldi and Target.

My only Aldi purchase this week was bananas, as the price of $0.39 cannot be beat by any of the other grocery stores I shop at. Unfortunately I did not have room for anything else, since I had to go on the bus with my big load of Target clearance toys.

If you have arrived at an older version of the price comparison list, you can find the newest version at the Aldi Price Comparison List.

Product Size Publix Aldi  Target
White Bread 20 oz $1.29 $1.29 *$0.99
Whole Wheat Bread 20 oz $1.69 $1.19 *$2.39
Hamburger buns 12 -13 oz $1.19 $0.79 $1.02
Hot dog buns 12 -13 oz $1.19 $0.79 $1.02
Bagels  6 ct
Pepperidge Farm Bagels  21 oz $1.90

Flour Store Brand  5 lb $2.29 $1.19 $1.71
Sugar Store Brand 5l lb $3.19 $1.99 *$2.50
Store Brand Peanut butter 18 oz $2.39 $1.29 $2.04
Peter Pan Peanut butter 16 oz $2.59 n/a
Skippy Peanut butter 16 oz *$1.99 n/a *$1.75
Grape Jelly 32 oz $1.99 $1.39 *1.69

Store Brand Corn Flakes
18 oz $2.09 $1.29
Kelloggs Corn Flakes 18 oz $3.99 n/a $2.99
Store Brand Honey Nut Cereal 12.25 oz $2.69 $1.59 *$2.49
GM Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25 oz $1.99 n/a $2.50
Store Brand Instant Oatmeal  10 pk $2.49 $1.39 $1.42
Quaker Instant Oatmeal 10 pk $3.89 n/a *$2.54
Quick Oats Store Brand  42 oz $2.99 $1.99 $2.24
Eggs  12 Large $1.89 $0.69 $1.57
Milk  1 gallon $3.35 $1.99 *$2.99
Apple juice 64 oz $2 $1.19 $1.84
Orange Juice 64 oz $2.49 $2.39 $2.29
Orange Juice 1 gallon $4.89 n/a n/a
Bananas 1 lb $0.69 $0.39 $0.19 each
Apples 3 lb $3.99 $2.29-$2.49 *$2.97
Pineapple each *2.99 $2.49 $3.99
Oranges  4 lb $2.00
5lb $2.99
Naval oranges 4 lb $2.99 $1.29 n/a
Tomatoes  1 lb *$1.69

Green peppers 1 lb $2.29 $0.99 $0.79 each
Grape tomatoes

$1.89 *1.99
Plum tomatoes 1 lb $1.49

Lemon A piece $0.50
Lime A piece $0.33
Red potatoes 5 lb $3.99 $2.89 $4.39
Idaho potatoes 5 lb $2.69 $2.49
Idaho potatoes 10 lb
Iceburg lettuce
$1.49 $1.29 $1.49
Cucumber each $0.65 $0.50
Yellow Onions 3lb $1.99 $1.79
Carrots  2 lb $1.69 $1.09 n/a
Avocado each $1.50 $0.99 $1.59
Tilapia filets  24 oz *$7.99 $4.99 $6.99
Chicken breast (frozen) 40-48 oz $6.49 $5.99 *$5.84
Boneless skinless chick tenderloin 2.5 lb $6.49 $5.99 *$6
Crinkle Cut Fries Store Brand 32 oz $2.69 $1.79 $2.44
Canned pineapple store brand 20 oz $1.39 $0.89
Canned black beans  15 oz *$0.77 $0.55 $1.27$
Store Brand Mustard 14-16 oz $1.15 $0.69 $0.82
Tortilla chips 14 oz $3.19 $1.19 $2.69
Salsa Store Brand 24 oz n/a $1.69 $1.99
Salsa Pace 24 oz $3.49
Store Brand Hummus 8 oz $2.79 $1.69
Diapers Store Brand size 3 36 ct
$5.39 $6.29

* Indicates sale price
N/A: Not Available

The above grocery price comparison list is based on local South Florida prices at Aldi, Publix and Target, and they might vary from area to area.

If you have arrived at an older version of the price comparison list, you can find the newest version at the Aldi Price Comparison List.


  1. I am liking your dedication!

    I love Aldi's. Best prices on many items that you buy in the store with a coupon. Tortillas, bananas, mayonnaise, chips, frozen oj, oats, grits..

    The only things I don't think are great deals are their beef, lunchmeat and cheese.

  2. Thanks for stopping by the Aldi Spot Zombiemommy. I agree that the beef prices aren't the best.

    So far I have been finding the best price for OJ at Target, but I know that in certain areas of the country the Aldi OJ price is lower than it is here in the Orange State:)

  3. I used to love Aldi, but now that we're transitioning to a whole foods/organic diet I've had to stop shopping there :( I've heard that some Aldi store do carry organic items and whole wheat choices, so hopefully some day mine will too!
    Found you from Home and Pantry grocery link up :)

  4. Hi Sara, I have not found any organic items at my local Aldi, but I will keep my eye out. I do get both whole wheat bread and bagels at Aldi though, and as you can see above the prices are hard to beat.

    I wish we had a great affordable organic alternative when it came to produce, but the only thing we have is a local organic market which is very expensive, and I would never be able to feed my family properly, if I had to buy our produce there. My kids go through lots of fruits throughout the week, and as a vegetarian I eat lots of veggies. My solution has been to make my own small city garden, and while I do not have a lot of space I usually have peppers and tomatoes much of the year. We have a mango tree, and lots of herbs in the garden as well...I guess it is all about finding a balance that work's for your family.

  5. Great site! I had an idea to create a site about ALDI, but I barely have time to keep my original site going, much less a second one. How do you do it?

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great week!
    -- Laura from Frugal Follies

  6. have a list to compare prices at other stores helps me decide where to shop great idea

  7. For the record, they have Organic Blue Corn Chips and if you read the ingredients of their lowfat chicken broth, its made with a lot of organic ingredients, which makes me think its marketed under an organic brand in the major supermarkets.