Saturday, January 15, 2011

ALDI Shopping Tips

Reusable Aldi Shopping Bag
Ever since the first Aldi stores opened up in South Florida, I always encounter lots of new and confused Aldi customers. It never fails, there is always someone, who needs help with putting their quarter in the cart, and there is always someone trying to separate the carts from each other without a coin. I am always giving Aldi shopping tips to my friends and neighbors, and I thought I would share a few tips with any new Aldi shoppers here as well.

There is a point to the Aldi madness though, and if you embrace the changes to your grocery shopping routine, you will not only save money by shopping at Aldi, you will also help your carbon foot print a bit. 

 Aldi Shopping Tips
  • Bring Your Own Bags! (Aldi charges for grocery bags to keep cost low and reduce waste)
  • Aldi only accepts cash, debit and EBT cards.
  • Bring your quarters! (To prevent their grocery carts from ending up in the ditch, you have to put a quarter in the grocery cart when you pick it up. Don’t worry, you will get it back, once you return it to its proper place).

 Do you have any shopping tips you would like to share?


  1. A blog suggestion, while price comparison is helpful, product reviews rock as well! More of those, please! :)

  2. Thank you for the suggestion Joy, I am working on it, and they will be coming steadily:)

  3. I live in Macon, Georgia, an Aldi store will be opening in May. Thanks for all the things to look for and making sure to bring quarters. That's a great idea on the buggies (carts). Did I read right, Aldi is a store from Europe. If so I may have shopped in one some twenty years ago. Can't wait for it to open.