Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is The Aldi Easter Clearance Gone?

I was hoping to be able to pick up some Easter goodies on clearance today, but there was no Easter Clearance. There were some jelly beans and gummi candy left, but it rang up at full price. Even the Easter sprinkles and the Easter cupcake mix was listed at full price, and everything else was gone. 

Has anyone else had any luck with finding Aldi Easter Clearance?


  1. I did! Lots of things were on clearance at my store when I went on Monday.

  2. Here in Omaha, I found TONS of candy on clearance today -- at least 50% off. DH's birthday is next week, so some of the non-eggy, non-bunny truffles are going in my cart tomorrow. (I was cash-restricted today.)