Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aldi South Florida Produce Prices Starting Wednesday 4/6

I am always excited to see what new produce prices my Aldi in South Florida, and I certainly did not get disappointed today. I love it, whenever grapes and oranges go on sale, and it sure looks like I will be picking up salad this week as well. I have lots of cherry tomatoes growing in the garden, so I think I might pass on the vine ripe tomatoes. 

I usually go to Aldi on Wednesdays, but I think I might postpone my Aldi trip until tomorrow, as I have been hit by sickness. For the past week I have been nurturing my kids after they got hit by this stubborn bug, and it is now my turn to have it.

This week's new Aldi produce prices in South Florida are:

Oranges 4 lbs $1.29
Grapes 2 lb $1.69
Little Salad Bar Flat Leaf Spinach $0.99
Vine ripe tomatoes $0.99 per package

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Do you have some great Aldi produce prices this week?


  1. I am wondering if my Aldi will have the raised beds and I also wonder if they are a good deal

    I though their strawberries were really sour but they were very fresh, Not one of them went bad and I did not get around to using them for awhile.

    I see they also have butter on sale. I bake quite a bit and I am always looking for inexpensive butter.

    I bough their coffee on my last trip and I really like it.


  2. June, I was wondering about the raised bed as well, but I noticed that they had corner "feet" instead of a whole bottom, which makes me wonder how these "feet" will hold up all the weight of the garden bed.

  3. i thought that the raised beds were meant to just give your own soil a few extra inches for the roots to grow down. i had noticed them on sale was well, but that was sort of pricey! WE have been toying with the idea of building one and I think I can do it for way less than that. I've even scoured craiglist posts for free wood LOL

  4. Ana White's website shows how to make cedar raised garden beds for $10!

  5. Amanda, I got a raised garden bed for review a couple of months ago, and while it is great, it made me realize how easy it is to make one yourself.
    Raised Garden Bed