Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Best Aldi Products: Question From An Aldi Spot Reader

PhotobucketYesterday I received a question from Frank, a new Aldi Spot reader. I wanted to share his question with all of you, since Frank is not the only one, who has asked me for advice on finding the best Aldi products

We have a new Aldi in our area and after visiting the store I'm confused and wondered if you could help me.  Without name brand products and the history of purchasing these new Aldi brands, I don't know where to start in trying these store products.  Can you recommend a couple of slam dunk products (taste, quality and price) that we can get started with other than eggs, milk and fruit.  Thanks for your help.


I want to thank Frank for asking this question, as I know it is relevant to many new Aldi shoppers. I am still learning about the many Aldi products myself, and when I find something I like, I always try to share it with all of you.

Besides the produce, milk and eggs at Aldi, all of which I can highly recommend, my family has also found number of Aldi products, which we always return to, if the price cannot be beat by competitors after coupons and sales.

I can highly recommend:

Any of the Aldi chocolates
The Clancy's tortilla chips restaurant style $1.19
The Aldi Salsa $1.69
The Aldi oreos (Mercer chocolate waves) $1.49
The canned black beans $0.55
The frozen corn $0.65
The whole wheat bread 20 oz $1.19
The whole wheat mini bagels
The orange juice: Nature's Nectar from concentrate 64 oz, Not from concentrate 64 oz, and the orange juice in carafe.
The Aldi flour $1.49
The Aldi sugar $2.89

All of the above products have been tried by everyone in my family, and we go back to them again and again, as Aldi has the best price on these, unless I am able to find coupons and sales at other stores. All of the above mentioned products taste as good as or better than the national brands in my personal opinion.

The only Aldi product that we have tried, which I cannot recommend is the frozen chicken breast 48 oz. It seems that the chicken breast have been pumped up with water. The pieces are enormous when frozen, but as soon as the chicken is cooked it shrinks to about 1/4 of the original size, which to me is a sign of a big water content.
What is your favorite Aldi products? 

If you have any questions, you can leave them right here in the comments, or you can email me at smartmomj @ gmail . com


  1. We just tried the frozen mini egg rolls and asian dumplings last week and loved them!

  2. The buckets of ice cream are great. I only buy shredded cheese from Aldi, it is much cheaper then other stores. I love all the french fry type products. The "velvetta" melts a lot faster and it is shocking how expensive that has gotten at other stores. Even the store brand. We only buy the appleton farms bacon. We don't like the sausages (any) they are either too fatty or not great flavor. The frozen ground turkey rolls are very good quality. I spend about $85 every two weeks at aldi's.

  3. If it's not on sale elsewhere, I get it at Aldi! Other items not mentioned that we particularly enjoy: the premium bacon, Choceur dark chocolate bars (I get one every time I go, and I'm lucky if I let it last a week), Fit&Active fat free chicken broth, olive oil (huge price difference), paper products. Things we've tried and don't recommend: premade salmon patties (eew), Beaumont coffees (too acidic for us), Lacura beauty products (no SPF!), bananas out of season (don't ripen). HTH!

  4. Though there are a couple of items that my family didn't care for from Aldi, for the most part their brands are very good.

    Didn't care for:
    The potato puffs, left a film in your mouth.
    Pizza Rolls - Really odd taste, my dogs wouldn't even eat them.

    Now for the items we really like and prefer them to any other brand.

    Milk - MUCH cheaper than local stores AND guarantees no artificial growth hormones.
    Mac and Cheese
    Peanut Butter
    Bagels- Huge and always fresh
    Deli pizza
    Ground chuck-at least a dollar a lb cheaper than other local grocers
    Strawberry Jam - contains no high fructose corn syrup
    Whole grain white bread is SO GOOD!

    We've also been satisfied with their cheese, beef hotdogs, yogurt.

  5. Anonymous, I love it when I find the ground beef marked down, then it is really a steal. I will have to try the strawberry jam. I wish they had grape jam and not just grape jelly.