Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aldi Shopping Trip - Saved $12 at Aldi - Aldi Savings Linky

I went to Aldi to shop yesterday, and after having no luck on finding affordable meat at Publix or Target, I ended up buying meat at Aldi instead. The non-grocery list item that I bought was Salmon at $3.99, and I know my husband is looking forward to eating fish for a change. After discovering the low cost on Lasagna noodles at Aldi, I made sure to pick some of those up.

Skim milk 1 gallon $1.99

Lasagna noodles $1.10

Wheat bread $1.10

Bananas $0.75

1 Cucumber $0.59

Roma tomatoes $1.69

2 lb of red seedless grapes $1.59

Strawberries $1.89

Tangerines $1.99

5 lb flour $1.49

Tortilla chips $0.99

Hamburger buns $0.79

Wild Caught Salmon $3.99

Chicken drumstick $4.04 ($1.29/lb)

Boneless Chicken Breast $5.49

Potato Puffs $1.79

Total $31.62

(Saved $12.97 compared to the best prices at Publix or Target) 

Check out the Grocery Price Comparison List to see how I saved. 

I would love to hear how you did on your Aldi shopping.

You can of course link up, even if you don't shop at Aldi as well.


  1. I like seeing these posts since you include your savings over the other stores--it gives me a good idea of savings on combined items. Often you wonder if it is worth an extra trip, but this is such a good visual aid. And I love figures, so I figured your percent savings was nearly 30%--without having to clip a coupon or rush to the store to get the sale items.

  2. I did pretty well at Aldi this week. I bought a whole cart-full of things and it was only 40.00. When I combine that with my 7.00 money-maker trip to rite aid, tp, and various odd and ends at CVS, and two packs of diapers and three pks. of wipes at Walgreens, I was only out about 60.00 for a weeks worth of groceries, and a month of diapers and wipes!!! Aldi's is what helps me keep my grocery bill low when I want to use some of my weekly budget to stock up on personal care items!

    I don't normally go to that many stores in a week, but I had RR's, UP's and ECB's all expiring this week!! Thanks for this website, I love it!

  3. Great Trip, JRFrugalMom! I see that the red seedless grapes were a little less in your area than in mine ($1.59 vs. $1.78). I love my little weekly trips to nice to walk in to a store without coupons and know I'm going to save a bundle anyway! :-)

  4. I bought those strawberries, too. A few were a bit overripe, but my daughters were super happy to get strawberries to snack on.

    I also found avocados on sale for 19¢ each! They were pretty soft, but I picked through and found four of the most solid ones there. Yum, guacamole!

    Thanks for stopping by Wednesday Weekly Shopping at Frugal Follies!

  5. Aldi is my favorite grocery shopping store in all of Kentuckiana. You get cheaper groceries and even a few other items they get cheaper. I have never got a product I didn't like or tasted low quality.