Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Eventful Aldi Shopping Day - I Saved $11 - How Much Did You Save? Link Up @ The Aldi Savings Linky

A Bonus Snack
This afternoon I dropped of my middle son at school, and then I walked back about a mile and a half to my oldest son's school. I was supposed to pick my son up, get on the bus and go get our Aldi shopping done before my husband would pick us up at Aldi. What started out as a relaxing walk in the park turned into quite an eventful day.

When I was across from my son's school I passed some police activity. At first glance it looked like someone had pulled over, and I thought the police were waiting for a K9 unit to do a search. In urban South Florida this is a very regular sight, so I did not think much of it. I crossed the street and walked into my son's school gates. Less than five minutes later the gates were locked, and we heard a lock down announcement. The small police scene that I had walked right past minutes earlier turned into quite a drama. There were lots of police, ambulances, firetrucks, and someone said they saw the swat team gear up at a neighboring parking lot. It was a bit difficult to see what was going on due to a fence, traffic and some trees blocking the view, but something was going on.

Thirty minutes later an ambulance drove off, and the school lock downs was lifted. I later found out that a man had barricaded himself and that he was threatening suicide. He was rushed off to the hospital after he had shot himself, but there is no word on his condition.

I am just happy that the kids were safe, and I hope that the man will get the help he needs.

I did get on the bus with my oldest and youngest sons, and while we skipped our regular quick stop at Target we did make it to Aldi.

My Aldi Shopping:
This week I have gone over my grocery budget, because I stocked up big time on canned beans at Publix and on frozen food at Target. I still needed to get the essentials, and there is just no discussion in my book - the staples are cheaper at Aldi.

Apple Juice $1.19
1 gallon skim milk $1.99
Roma Tomatoes 1lb $0.99
2.43 lb Bananas $0.95 ($0.39/lb)
Roasted peppers $1.69
Red Delicious Apples 3 lbs $2.59
2.34 lbs of Chicken drumsticks $3.53 
2 dozen Aldi Eggs @ $0.99 each = $1.98
Whole Wheat Bread $1.19

Mint chocolate chip ice cream 1.5 qt $1.99
Chocolate Creme Sandwiches $1.49

Total after tax $20.38

Compared to the best prices at Target or Publix I saved $11
(To see how I found the savings check out the Aldi Price List).

How did you do on your Aldi shopping this week? You can link up your savings posts (even if it is not from Aldi) below, and if you do not have a blog I would love to hear about your Aldi shopping trip in the comment field.


  1. Wow, what an event. So glad the kids and other people were safe, hopefully the man is fine, too.

    We got one of the apple juices this week to try, too. Our price was the same (I had just paid $1.50 at CVS earlier that day--but I used extra bucks so it was really free).

  2. Yes, Cheryl it was quite a day, and I hope the man is alright as well.

    We are out of kids juice, as my kids don't like the Ocean Spray fruit and veggie juice that we have. So after not being able to find any juice sale, I decided that the Aldi apple juice was the best one at the best price....the kids were elated to finally have "kids" juice in the house again.

  3. I don't have a large grocery bill compared to those with kids, but I always stop at Aldi first and fill in at WalMart or Save a Lot if needed. I definitely save money every week by doing it that way.

  4. yep ~ starting at Aldi is key ~ whatever you have on your list that they may not have that week, you can always get somewhere else...but, I find if I start at Wegman's, it's just too easy to get everything there and then my budget is blown!!

  5. I agree, I always fill in whatever I havent been able to stock up with coupons on at aldi, and i always get produce there, and look for reduced meat too.

    I linked up my Kroger trip this week, but I am planning on posting about my aldi trip later int he week too, just because I haven't done a "hey, look how much you can save by shopping at aldi" post in a while, so I may be back. ;)

    I was *supposed* to go today, because we though my husbands check was going to clear the bank today, but it didn't. Better be tomorrow. I'm broke! LOL.

    I'm very happy that all the kids were ok. That is a very scary situation. My kids aren't in school yet (one starts this fall *sniff*) but my husband teaches high school and they had a lock down in the middle of the day last week. He said apparently a kid had brought a gun onto campus. He never pulled it out, but I guess had told people about it, and they texted their parent who reported it to the police and they took the kid away in handcuffs. The world has gone mad! *sigh*

  6. Amanda, I hate those week's where we are waiting for a check to go through. I hope you'll be able to get to the store tomorrow.

    Yes, it is crazy with school these days, and the scary part is that it is not just hoaxes, there are some real scary situations happening. We had something similar happening at our local high school not too long ago, and since it is right next to the elementary school both went into lockdown.

  7. I have started to use Aldi within the past month.I don't know why I never stopped there in the first place. Mine is riht next to Walmart of all places. I just wish my milk was a $1.99. It is $2.89 at my Aldi but still cheaper than Walmart and the rest($3.59).Thank you for turning me on to Aldi's!

  8. I am glad you have become an Aldi fan too. I went into our Super Walmart last Sunday to compare produce prices with Aldis, and I was surprised to see how high they were at Walmart.

  9. grr my comment last night did not go through. :(
    We did finally get paid and I did make a trip o Aldi last night for some essentials. I linked it up above too.

  10. Very scary! Glad everything was okay.