Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aldi Shopping Trip - Saved $12 - Savings Linky

My boys have come to appreciate the low prices on Aldi fruits, as we always have the fruit basket filled up, and every week they find something different. I no longer have to only buy 3 bananas, or find money somewhere else in the budget to buy $4 apples. Thanks to Aldi, it seems that we are getting a great tasting variety. My weekly savings by saving at Aldi is steady at $12 per week (see the Aldi price comparison list), which means that we save $50 a month by shopping at Aldi. To some people, $50 a month might not seem like much, but with a grocery budget of $50 - $60 a week for a family of five, $50 means a big difference.

I did not intend on buying the salmon again this week, but it was a personal request from my husband, so I guess he really did enjoy his grilled salmon this week.

Potato Puffs $1.79
Corn Flakes $1.39
Premium orange juice $2.39
Orange Juice $1.79
Orange Juice $1.79
Naval Oranges $2.19
Garlic $0.99
2 lb seedless grapes $0.99
2.68lb Bananas $1.05
Wild Caught Salmon $3.69
Hamburger buns $0.79
Whole Wheat Bread $1.19
Whole Wheat Bread $1.19

Total Spent at Aldi $21.23
Total Saved at Aldi $12

How much do you usually save by shopping at Aldi?

I would love to hear how you did on your savings this week?


  1. I am going to have to try their orange juice. Our grapes were $2.59 and our apples looked bad this week, but we got grapefruit.

  2. Cheryl, this is the first time I tried their boxed orange juice, and so far I have only tried the premium orange juice, which tastes good. My favorite is the 59 oz carafe orange juice though...but it is more expensive.

    We go through a lot of orange juice, and I have three criteria. Juice from Florida oranges, taste and then price.

  3. I forgot to add that the apples did not look too great at our store either. The oranges looked great though, and since it was Florida oranges from our favorite grower I knew they would be sweet.

  4. Did you mean $50-$60 a week for a family of five or $50-$60 a month? $50 a month seems impossible because that's our family size and I do double coupons, and Aldi, and there's just no way! Anyways, I was so happy with my Aldi trip this week (I don't post my shopping trips on my blog, so I'll just tell you here), but I only spent $30 and got

    -2 gallons milk
    -dozen eggs
    -bag pretzels
    -bag potato chips
    -1lb pork boneless porkchops
    -1lb cube steak (for swiss steak...yum!)
    -1 frozen lasagna (only 2.69!!!!)

    I was amazed at what I was able to get! This was my first try of the lasagna and it tastes better than stouffers IMO. But, I kind of don't like frozen lasagna anyways, but I like to have them on hand for a lazy night, and it did the trick.

    On the negative side, I opened one of my gallons of milk, and it was sour, so I'll be testing the double your money back return policy when I go back on Monday!

  5. Grapes in Omaha were .99/2#, too, but only the shrively ones were left for me. Most produce is great, but have to check and recheck. Your price comparisons are impressive. Here, Aldi is not always lowest, but milk is 1.99/gal these days, and when items are not on sale elsewhere, I can usually get the lowest price @ Aldi.

    Glad I found this site! :)

  6. M, thank you for pointing out my mistake, and no we would not be able to survive on $50 unless we had foodstamps and WIC to add...then maybe:) Milk takes up a lot of our budget!
    That is quite a price for the lasagna. My family is not fond of frozen lasagna either, but you are right sometimes it is just the only thing to do. How long does it take to cook though. I remember trying the Stouffer's family size lasagna for a product review once and it took about 90 minutes to cook in the oven, which kind of defeated the purpose of getting the lasagna in the first place.

    BTW I hope you will come back and tell us about your experience with their money back return policy. I had to use Publix's this week, and it went relatively smoothly.

  7. Cheap Thrills, I'm happy to hear that we were not the only one who got the cheap grapes. It makes me wonder what is different about South Florida and Omaha that makes us get the cheap grapes this week.

  8. You have a keen eye for deals at Aldi. Great price on the grapes too ....Tiffypoot @ (

  9. I don't recall the grapes being that low, and we live in the same area... maybe I just missed it, or it was just a deal at your store only?

    Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Weekly Shopping at Frugal Follies! See you next Wednesday!

  10. Laura, there was someone else who reported they had grapes at that price as well, but it was not in South Florida.

  11. The lasagna can cook in the microwave in under 20 min.

    And...I must confess, it was super doubles at Harris Teeter this week (if you don't know, it's where they double coupons up to 1.98--heaven!!!) and I needed the fridge I dumped the sour milk instead of taking the time to go back to Aldi which is a 20 min drive. I wouldn't normally, but I just did not have time this week! I did see a woman take back some tomatoes once, and it was no problem for her.

  12. M, I completely understand. Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do:)