Monday, February 14, 2011

Aldi Price Variations Alerts From Aldi Spot Readers and The Blogosphere

This week I have noticed that several of you have commented on different prices on produce, but Amanda from Saving Myself Silly also made me very jealous with some amazing flour and sugar prices. It always amazes me what a difference there are at prizes from state to state, but this week Laura from Frugal Follies even found cheap avocados right here in South Florida. She did mention that they were overripe, so I guess it was time for them to go.

Product South Florida Price Price Reports Thank You To State
Avocado $1.09 $0.19 Frugal Follies FL
Avocado $1.09 $0.25 Money Saving Mom
Strawberries $1.89 $1.69 Saving Myself Silly FL
Grapes 2 lb $1.59 $1.78 Madison Coupon Connection Wisconsin
Grapes 2 lb $1.59 $1.98 Saving Myself Silly Texas
Pineapple $2.09 $0.99 Saving Myself Silly Texas
Sugar $2.89 $1.49 Saving Myself Silly Texas
Flour $1.49 $1.09 Saving Myself Silly Texas

If you have any price variations from those that I list, I would love to hear from you.


  1. I thought I left this comment earlier, but it isnt of Thursday, the sugar was $1.49 and the flour was $1.09. I miss the holiday baking season already...LOL

  2. Thanks for the update Amanda, I just updated the chart. Those are still fantastic prices though.....especially compared to the competitor prices around here.