Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Are Your Favorite Aldi Products?

PhotobucketFrank's question about the best Aldi products made me realize that there are a lot of Aldi products that I have never tried, and there are probably many that I will never even get to try. I usually try out one or two new Aldi products each week, as my grocery budget is limited, and like most people I prefer to buy products that I already feel comfortable with. 

So, I have realized that I need your help...

I would love to hear from all of you, and I hope you will share your favorite (and not so favorite) Aldi products in the comment field.

What is your favorite Aldi product?

Have you found an Aldi product that you did not like?

If anyone would like to share a product review with us here at the Aldi Spot, you can send me an email at smartmomj @ gmail . com (remove the spaces).

If you have done any Aldi product reviews on your blogs, you can also leave the link below.


  1. I like their saltines. They are better than most other brands (my family loves saltines--go figure). Their olives are good. Ketchup and mustard are good. Baking supplies (flour, sugar of all sorts, cocoa, marshmallows, baking soda and powder, cherries,e tc) are all good. I like their lemon juice and their instant iced tea powder (my craving with pregnancy #1 in a huge way--LOL).

    On the other hand, their oyster crackers are terrible. I buy name brand for those.

  2. I'll have to give the saltines a try, and I have wanted to try the lemon juice. I completely agree with you on the baking supplies. Unless I can find a fabulous sale somewhere else (Target has sugar cheaper at the moment), I will buy my baking supplies at Aldi. One of the things I am missing at Aldi is whole wheat flour.

  3. The chocolate is amazing! I love the ones that they sell at the front. They are little square packs called "Waffernusse" They are kind of like Kit Kat's, but with Hazelnut creme filling. They are delicious, and you get 10 sticks for $0.99! I grab a couple of them everytime I go through the checkout. You can see them in my post I linked up ;)

  4. My husband just tried the chocolate syrup (he is crazy for Hershey's on vanilla ice cream--he is on a diet but we told him he had to try it so we could report at the Aldi Spot!). He said he would not have known it wasn't Hershey's if we hadn't told him.

    I tried the bran flakes the other day. I thought they tasted very much like Post, but I think they are thinner. They stayed chewy for the full bowl.

  5. Amanda, I completely agree about the chocolate. I noticed that a lot of it is actually made in Germany....yummy!

    Cheryl, that is interesting that Aldi has been able to turn over another one of your family's favorite products....and I know the prize difference is big.

  6. If it's not on sale elsewhere, I get it at Aldi! Other items not mentioned that we particularly enjoy: the premium bacon, Choceur dark chocolate bars (I get one every time I go, and I'm lucky if I let it last a week), Fit&Active fat free chicken broth, olive oil (huge price difference), paper products. Things we've tried and don't recommend: premade salmon patties (eew), Beaumont coffees (too acidic for us), Lacura beauty products (no SPF!), bananas out of season (don't ripen). HTH!