Saturday, February 5, 2011

Aldi Shopping Tips: Combine Cheap Aldi Groceries With Coupon Deals At Your Grocery Store

Aldi Shopping Tips
Although Aldi does not accept coupons, being an Aldi shopper does not mean you should stop using coupons. Shopping at Aldi can save you money whether or not you regularly use coupons at other stores. If you do not shop with coupons, Aldi groceries are definitely the cheapest, as you can see on the grocery price comparison list between Aldi, Walmart, Publix and Target. However, whether you are into extreme couponing, shop sales or just use coupons to help stretch your grocery budget a bit, Aldi is a great addition to your grocery shopping routine.

As a coupon shopping deal hunter, shopping only at Aldi would not be beneficial to my grocery budget; however, by adding a bi-weekly Aldi stock up trips to my grocery shopping routine, I have been able to shave $10 - $20 off my weekly grocery budget. I now spend between $50 and $60 for a family of five, including three fast growing (lactose intolerant and constantly eating) boys ages 8, 5 and 18 months (the youngest in diapers).

Without clipping coupons or buying coupons, I manage to buy $150 - $200+ worth of groceries each week for $50 - $60.
Grocery Store and Aldi Shopping Tips
  • Get coupons free if you can: Look at your area's free newspapers (Jewish papers, Spanish versions etc.), use Internet coupons, ask your friends, family and neighbors, who do not use coupons, if they will save theirs for you. Ask for coupons on freecyle.
  • Combine coupons: Combine store coupons and manufacturer coupons and use competitor coupons if your store allows it. 
  • Know your prices: Use the price comparison list as a guide on the staples, but also learn the lowest price after coupon and sales on products that regularly go on sale or have coupons.
  • Stock up: When you find a great price, stock up for 1 -2 months on food, non-perishables 6 -12 months.
  • Combine coupons and sales: This is the best way to save big.
  • Use a coupon filing system: Don't clip all of those coupons unless you need them. Have a filing system, sort by date and use the free coupon matching websites. 
My coupon filing system - only clip when you need a coupon

My favorite free coupon matching websites:

To show you exactly how I combine Aldi with my coupon shopping to stretch my family's tight grocery budget, check out my grocery shopping this week (see below).

   Why shop at more than one store?
  • I could have bought mustard at Aldi for $0.69, which is regularly the lowest price. However, I waited for a sale and used coupons to get mustard for $0.44 each. 
  • I could have bought orange juice at Aldi for $1.79, which is regularly the cheapest price around on orange juice. However, I had a raincheck and used a Target coupon to get two 64 oz orange juice for $1.49 each. Produce prices at Aldi cannot be beat, so this is where I stock up on fruits and vegetables.
  • I could have bought chips at Aldi for $1.29 each, or Pita Chips for $1.69 each, but instead I got 7 bags for free with coupons at Publix and Target.

MF: Manufacturer's Coupon 
IP: Internet Printable
TC: Target Coupon
PC: Publix Coupon
WD: Winn Dixie Coupon
BOGO: Buy One Get One Free

NY Style Pita Chips $2.69 
- FREE IP No Longer There= FREE
NY Style Pita Chips $2.69 
- FREE IP No Longer There= FREE
Vlasic Pickles (Rain Check) on BOGO sale @ 2 for 2.89 
 - (2 x $0.50 MF IP) = $1.89 ($0.95 each)
10 x Morningstar Burgers on BOGO sale @ 2 for $3.99 = $19.95 
- (10 x $0.75 MF ) = $12.45 ($1.25 each)
4 x V8 Splash on BOGO sale @ 2 for $3.39 = $6.78 ($1.70 each)
2 x French's mustard on BOGO sale @ 2 for $1.98
- (2 x $0.55 MF IPs) = $0.88 ($0.44 each)
4 x Kraft BBQ sauce on BOGO sale @ 2 for $1.65 = $3.30 
- (2 x $1 TC IPs) = $1.30 ($0.35 each)
4 x Sun Drop soda on BOGO sale @ 2 for $1.79 
- (2 x BOGO PCs) = FREE
Publix sandwich buns $1.99

- $1 Publix coupon
Total spent @ Publix $24.29
 Total Saved @ Publix  $57.15

Hanes Boys socks 6 pk on clearance at Target for $3.11
- $0.50 MF = $2.61(Was $4.49)
5 x Archer Farms Chips on sale at $2.49
- (5 x Free Target Chips Coupons) = FREE
4 x Kelloggs Crunch Nut cereal on sale @ $2.50 each = $10
- (2 BOGO TCs + 4 x $1 MF) = $1 ($0.25 each)
3 x 1lb of ground chuck @ $1.99 each = $5.97
2 x MP Orange Juice @ $2.29 (Rain check @ $1.99) = $3.98
- $1TC = $2.98 ($1.49 each)

- 2 x $0.05 for using reusable bags
Out of pocket after tax and coupons $12.46
Total saved $ 29.31

10 lb Potatoes $3.79
Skim Milk $1.99
Ice Burg Lettuce $1.19
Baby Carrots $0.69
5.56 lb of Bananas $1.89
Avocado $0.49
Avocado $0.49 
Cucumber $0.65
Broccoli $0.99
Frozen Corn $0.65
Potato Puffs $1.79
Crinkle Cut Fries $1.79
Whole Wheat Bread $1.19
Whole Wheat Bread $1.19
Chicken Drumsticks $4.10 ($1.29/lb)
Large Eggs $0.99
Large Eggs $0.99 

Total  $25.72 
 Total Saved $12.39 
 (Compared to lowest price at Publix or Target)

By doing grocery shopping at three different stores (Target and Publix are right next to each other), I was able to stretch my grocery budget far.

I spent a total of $62.47
I saved a total of $98.85

Although I am $2.47 over my grocery budget, I did spend $2.61 on socks at Target, which comes out of the clothing budget.

To get the best idea of what I got for $62.47 ($161.32 worth of groceries) see the photos below:

Aldi Groceries
Aldi Produce
Target Groceries
Publix Groceries

How many stores do you shop at each week, and how often do you shop at Aldi?


  1. You have us very interested in Aldis. You mentioned frozen fries the other day so I had hubby pick some up to try today along with produce at much reduced price over our grocery store. He was impressed. We haven't tried them yet, but will soon. I usually do two stores and CVS, of course, and now we will be adding Aldi.

    Great points, by the way.

  2. Thank you Cheryl! Yes, the fries are definitely cheaper than at the regular grocery store, they are almost a dollar cheaper than the Publix brand down here.

    My kids love the potato puffs:)

  3. You shop exactly like I do! If they had an indoor formula cat food there I would not even need to go to target anymore (but I just found one at Kroger, so yay!) I get what I can matching coupons to sales, and then go about once a week to aldi to get whatever produce is one sale because their prices are just incredible, and then the staples that we are out of. Plus, those have been less and less since I've been couponing more. My husband is more amazed everyday. I have even been able to buy snacks again because they are so cheap at aldi, and I haven't found anything there that I didnt like. CVS has helped a lot, too Cheryl, ;)

  4. Amanda, if you want to stretch your money as far as you can combining Aldi shopping with coupon shopping at your local stores is definitely a must. It sure sounds like we shop alike:) My husband goes into the store with $20 and comes out with 3-4 product, I go into a store with a $20 bill and come out with a grocery cart full....he lets me shop!

  5. Ruthann thank you for stopping by the Aldi Spot. No, Aldi does not accept coupons. As you probably know they have their very own brands, and only feature a few national name brands. Their everyday prices are lower than the competitors, but sometimes you can find a better deal at the competitors by combining coupons with sales.

  6. Sounds just like my husband ;) I did send him with coupons once, which he forgot to use...but then he took them to customer service and got his money back..yay!

  7. We just got an Aldi's here. I'm very new to the store and am so thankful for this blog to help me out.

  8. Chisum Crew, I am sure you will love Aldi's, and if your area is anything like mine, it is going to be great to have Aldi as a competition to your regular grocery stores.

  9. Yes, definitely have to know your prices!

  10. Thanks for the coupon poking/reminder!

  11. Every since Tropical Storm Irene in August, my daughter has been shopping Aldi when she had to replace the contents of her refrigerator after being without power for 10 days. When Winter Snow Storm Alfred hit us in October and I lost the contents of 2 refrigerators and freezers, my husband and I decided to give Aldi a try. We couldn't believe how much money we saved! I do use coupons to supplement our food budget. I also recommend their chocolate ice cream, delicious!

  12. Okay, so my parents used to shop at Aldi about 10 years ago WAY before it was cool. I've been looking at ways to stretch my grocery budget and wanted to try Aldi myself since everyone was RAVING about the quality and low prices on produce.

    I don't know if produce quality changes based on store location, but my very urban sort of rough neighborhood Aldi never has any decent looking produce, so I quit going there. Any ideas?

  13. Rachel, I really do think that a lot of it has to do with management. I have the same issue with Save A Lot, I hear a lot of people rave about it, but ours has horrendous produce and flies everywhere.

    See if your area has another Aldi store, and give it a try. Also find out when the produce truck comes in, and make that your shopping day.