Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aldi Price Changes 2/9

I found strawberries on sale at our South Florida Aldi store today, and I am very excited that the strawberry season has started down here. This might be a regional price, so don't be too disappointed, if you do not find it at your local Aldi store- your time will come.

The best prices I found at Aldi today were:

16 oz Florida strawberries $1.89
2 lb seedless grapes (red and green) $1.59
5 lb Aldi Sugar $2.89 (Target now has 5 lb sugar for $2.54)
Cantaloupe $1.19

Some of the most noticeable Aldi price changes:

Product Previous Price Price Change Current Price Comp. Best Price
Sugar $3.09 Minus 0.20 2.89 $2.54 (Target and Walmart)
Grapes  2 lb ? ? $1.59 $3.38 Publix 
Strawberries 16 oz ? ? $1.89 $2.99 Publix
Pineapple $2.89 Minus $0.89 $2.09 $4.39 Target
Red Onion 2 lb $1.59 Plus $0.10 $1.69 $1.99 Publix
Yellow Onion 3 lb $0.99 Plus $0.80 $1.79 $1.99 Target
Avocado $0.49 Plus $0.60 $1.09 $1 Publix
Oranges 4 lb $1.99 Plus $0.20 $2.19 $2.99
Baby Carrots  $0.69 Minus $0.30 $0.99 Target $1.69
Apples Red Delicious $2.39 Plus $0.10 $2.49 Publix $3.49
McIntosh Apples  $2.39 Plus $0.10 $2.49 Publix $3.99
Iceburg Lettuce $1.19 Plus $0.10 $1.29 Publix/Tar $1.49
Idaho Potatoes 5 lb $2.49 Minus $0.10 $2.39 Publix $2.49

I would love to hear about any exciting price changes at your local Aldi store. If there are a lot of price variations, I will make a new chart with the changes and link back to all of you. If you have a price variation or an exciting price change to report, please leave your state in the comment as well as what day you found this price.


  1. I was also very happy about Strawberries coming back in season. I had just picked up a $2 pack at Kroger last week, but this is better. ;) Here are the Dallas produce prices:

  2. Wow! The sugar prices there are really high! Our had gotten down to $0.59 at the holiday's and $0.49 for flour. I think it is up to about $1.19 now. I will check for sure next time I go. My mom and grandma would buy like 4 each when they visited me from out of town!

  3. Wow, Amanda that is an insane price for sugar and flour! Yes, ours sure are high in comparison....

  4. Your prices are about what I remember them being at Wal-Mart before Aldi opened. I'm almost tempted to go in there to see if they've lowered them *almost* LOL

  5. our aldi prices just keep getting higher and higher

  6. Cyberrat it seems that the same is happening at our store. However, after studying the prices closely at several different stores, this is a problem all around....our prices at Target and Publix is getting ridiculous, and I am suspecting that the higher gas prices might be partly to blame.

  7. I like that you show the picture to show quality and freshness