Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aldi Bacon $0.99 - I Saved $12 - Link Up At The Aldi Savings Linky

I made a quick trip to Aldi today, but I was disappointed in the produce quality, so I did not pick up much. I was also horrified to see that Aldi eggs had gone from $1.49 to $1.99 for a dozen eggs in one week. I mainly went to get the Crofton mini food chopper, as my old food chopper needed to be replaced, and I am looking forward to trying it out. 

I found bacon at $0.99, because of a close expiration date, so I picked up a pack to freeze. This was the only meat I purchased though, as the meat selection was slim today.

My Aldi Shopping Trip
Crofton Mini Food Chopper $7.99
Bacon $0.99
Nachos $1.19
Whole Wheat Bread $1.29
Hot Dog Buns $0.99
Aldi Shark Snacks $1.4
Instant Oatmeal $1.39
Aldi Milk 1/2 gallon $2.09
Lettuce $1.14
Cucumber $0.55
2.32 lbs Bananas $1.02
Strawberries $1.49

Tax $0.48
Total out of pocket $22.11
Total saved $12

Savings are calculated compared to the lowest price at my regular grocery stores. Take a look at the Aldi price list and price comparison list with Publix, Target, Winn-Dixie and Walmart.

I would love to hear how you did on your grocery shopping this week. You can link up below, and you can also link up at the Weekly Savings Linky at Frugality Is Free, where I post all of my shopping for the week.


  1. The last time I was at my south florida aldi i also was disapointed in the quality of the produce. I have just about given up on aldi because it is about 10 miles from me and with sales, i can do as well at publix's or albertsons'

    Now that eggs and milk are not the bargains they once were, I will probably go less.

  2. I love Aldi, although I only get to go a couple of times a year (85 miles away). You made a great haul! I'm especially impressed with the milk price, as well as the bacon. At 99cents/lb, I would have filled my freezer up with it!

  3. Mary, we just got Aldi down here last year.....and I am so happy to get it close by. I think it has been years since my family had bacon, so I did not want to go overboard:)

  4. June, this is the second time in a row that I have been very disappointed in the produce quality, and I surely hope it is just because of the holidays.