Thursday, February 16, 2012

Aldi Entertaining Shopping - Saved $16 - Share Your Shopping Trips

I am usually really great at keeping track of receipts, but these days I am having visitors stay with us, so I am constantly switching bags from beach bags, to my purse, camera bags etc., and somehow my receipts are getting lost. I did manage to get a photo from this week's Aldi trip though. It is a little different this time, and so is the content of my shopping list, as it is a lot of my dad's favorites, plus some extra stuff for entertaining guest. I still managed to stay at $30 though, which I consider pretty good for all the extra stuff we added such as salami, cheese and chocolate cake (which my kids are still asking, when we are going to eat).

I am estimating that I saved about $16 on the groceries at Aldi this week compared to shopping at my regular grocery stores.

How did you do on your grocery shopping this week? Are you able to keep track of your spending and savings,whenever you have visitors staying at your house?

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