Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ALDI Bread Clearance

For the past month we have taken advantage of several great ALDI bread clearance deals, and it has meant a lot of savings. We have found hot dog bread, hamburger buns and loaves of bread for as little as $0.15!
Since we live in Florida, bread automatically ends up in the fridge anyway, and with a four kids, a loaf of bread can easily disappear in two days, so an approaching expiration date is not a problem.

Today was yet another day with lots of bread clearance, and I bought a whole grocery bag full. It looks like we'll have burgers for dinner this week.

Take a look at some of the great bread clearance prices I found at our local North Florida ALDI store.

Kaiser rolls 8 pack on clearance at $0.79 (Original price $1.79)
Whole wheat buns 8 pack on clearance at $0.69 (Original price $1.29)
L'oven split top wheat bread on clearance at $0.59 (Original price $0.99)
English Muffins on clearance at $0.49 (Original price $0.99)
Mini Donuts 16 oz on clearance at $1.99 (Original price $2.29)

Do you ever find bread clearance at your local ALDI store?

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