Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#ALDI #HurricaneMatthew Preparation - Low Prices on Bottled Water and More

Hurricane Matthew is on its way, and it seems that all of us in coastal communities need to keep a close eye on the path. If you have yet to stock up, I highly recommend heading to your local ALDI store for your hurricane supplies.


ALDI has great prices on water and canned goods at. 

24 pack 0.5 liter Purified Water $2.29 ($0.10 per 0.5 liter bottle)
3 Gallon Purified Water $2.19 ($0.73 per gallon)

ALDI also has the lowest price on canned goods such as tuna, chicken, vienna sausages etc., so if you need to stock up just in case, I can highly recommend stopping by your local ALDI store.

Stay safe ALDI lovers ...

Are you in Hurricane Matthew's path?

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