Thursday, November 10, 2016

#ALDI #Halloween #Clearance #Deals

With four kids in the family, including three big, fast growing boys, finding clearance deals on food is a great way to help stay on budget. Right now ALDI has a lot of Halloween/fall clearance going on, most of it at 50 percent off.

I found everything from fall decor, to Halloween decorations, pumpkin flavored foods, chocolate covered pretzels, sprinkles and Halloween candy and snacks.

Our kids get lunch at school, but I always have a snack of some sort waiting for them in the morning. I find individually wrapped snacks on sale and clearance, or bag them in small snack bags myself. It's amazing how fast my stock of snacks can run on low. Sometimes they choose which snacks they get, other times I surprise them.

This morning I surprised the with Bats and Webs potato snacks from ALDI.

These were Halloween clearance at ALDI for $0.59 per 3.5 oz bag, and it looks like there's enough in one bag for 2-3 days of snacks.

Did you find any great clearance deals at ALDI lately?

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