Thursday, January 26, 2017

$1.29 ALDI Strawberry Sale! Sweet Florida Strawberries For All

It's strawberry season in Florida, and that means strawberries on sale at ALDI. At $1.29 for a pound of Florida strawberries, we made sure to buy plenty ....and we might just go back for more.

Our strawberries came from Plant City, Florida, and although it's not eactly local for us anymore, it's still a lot better than buying strawberries from California.

You might have a different price on strawberries than we do, but the chances are that even if strawberries are not a part of your weekly produce deals, you'll still find some great prices at your local ALDI store. Check out your local ALDI ad here.

Our Northeast Florida ALDI produce deals:

How much are strawberries in your town?

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