Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Aldi Shopping Trip - Saved $12 - Link Up At The Aldi Savings Linky

We are back to being five in the household again, and I almost felt like skipping Aldi shopping this week. However, my milk was going sour, and it is never fun to run out of fresh fruit or bread at my house.

Did you see the $2.99 price tag for seedless watermelons at Aldi this week? We have had these water melons for the past three weeks and they are perfect. Don't cut them open as soon as you get home, leave it for a few days on the counter and it will be sweet and perfect. I also bought waffle cones again this week, as the once from last time was a big hit. I took photos, and I will have to get a review up. Everyone in my family highly recommend them.

My Aldi Grocery Shopping:

Seedless watermelon $2.99
Bananas $1.55

1 gallon milk $2.09
2 lbs Red Onions $1.29
Strawberries $1.29
Blueberries $1.39
Waffle Cones $1.49
Kaiser buns $1.69
Whole Wheat Bread $1.29
Eggs $1.29

Total $16.36
Total saved $12

Total savings are calculated compared to the competitor’s lowest prices. See the grocery price comparison list for details.

I would love to hear how you did on your grocery shopping this week?


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