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New Aldi Ad - May 4 (New Aldi Prices Starts May 1st For Some)

Aldi continues its great garden sale, and there are some great prices on Gardenline products in this week's Aldi Ad. I would love that tiered planter, and I secretly wish for the gardenline wind spinner for mother's day, but my husband is not big on gift-giving...although he is getting better as the years go by:)

Below is a snapshot of some of the produce price variations from across the country where the produce prices starts Sunday. Those of us, where the new produce price starts on Wednesday can expect to see similar produce prices, although the specific prices vary from region to region.   

This week the Aldi ad also has a new section called: Brand New Items, Brand New Savings.

See a list of states by Weekly Aldi Ad Start Date

My South Florida Aldi price predictions: Baking Potatoes $1.49, Green Peppers $0.99, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes 20 oz pack $1.49

Milford, MA Ad starts Sunday 5/1
Produce Prices:
Baking Potatoes 5 lb bag $1.49
Green Peppers 2 pack $0.99
Sweet Corn 4 pack $1.79
Vine ripe tomatoes $1.49 per pack

Greenville, OH Ad starts Sunday5/1
Produce Prices:
Green Peppers 20 oz pack $1.29
Tomatoes 20 oz pack $1.49
Corn 4 pack $1.29
Zucchini 24 oz pack $1.29

Amherst, NY Ad starts Sunday 5/1
Green Peppers 20 oz pack $0.99
Sweet Onions 2 lb bag $0.49
Tomatoes 20 oz pack $1.59
Zucchini 24 oz pack $1.29
Lansing, MI Ad starts Sunday 5/1
Green Peppers 2 pack $0.79
Sweet Onions 2 lb bag $0.69
Sweet Corn 4 pack $1.39
Vine Ripe Tomatoes 16 oz pack $0.99 
Ashland, KY Ad starts Sunday 5/1
Green Peppers 14 oz pack $0.99
Sweet Onions 2 lb bag $0.49
Tomatoes 20 oz pack $1.59
Zucchini 24 oz $1.29

New Aldi Products

Brand New Items, Brand New Savings.
Loven Fresh Kaiser Buns 20 oz $1.69 GOOD PRICE

Lovn Fresh Kaiser Buns Wheat 20 oz $1.69 GOOD PRICE

All Natural 85/15 Ground Beef Patties 3 lbs $7.99

Reggano Farfalle or Tri-Color Rotini 12 oz $0.89 GOOD PRICE

Fit & Active Turkey Franks $1.29 GOOD PRICE

Little Salad Bar Mustard Potato Salad 32 oz $2.49

Belmong Fat Free Sherbet (Raspberry, orange or lime) 48 oz $1.99 GOOD PRICE

Nature's Nectar All-Natural Lemonade in carafe 59 oz $1.89 GOOD PRICE

Pur Aqua Purified Water 24 x 10 oz $2.49

happy Harvest 3 Bean Salad $0.79

Burman's Barbecue Sauce $0.89

Tuscan Garden Marinade $0.99

Sea Queen Alaskan Salmon Burgers $3.99

Roseland Baby BackPork Ribs $3.49

Baker's Corner Marshmallows $0.99

Little Salad Bar Coleslaw, macaroni or Potato Salad $2.49

Berryhill Ice Cream Topping $1.99 

Infuse Thirst Qeunchers 8 x 20 oz $3.99

Brenner Iced Tea or Nature's Nectar Fruit Punch 64 oz $0.95 GOOD PRICE

Freeze N' Squeeze Freezer Bars Bag 36 x 3 oz bars $2.39

CROSS COUNTRY SALE- Special Buys Starts May 4th.

Aldi Special Buys

Cattlemen’s Ranch or Kirkwood Skewers $3.99

Cattlemen’s Ranch Steak Fingers or Country Fried Steak $4.99

Appleton Farms Breakfast Ham Slices $2.49

Sea Queen Seafood Medley $4.99

John Soules Beef Fajita Strips $3.49

Casa Mamita Mexican Style Lasagna or Bake $7.99

Benita Tamales $4.99

Season’s Choice Steak Fries $1.69 GOOD PRICE

Burman’s Deli Mustard $1.19

Lunch Buddies Fruit Flavored Snacks $3.49

Sundae Shoppe English Toffee Ice Cream Bars $1.99

Benita Mini Ice Cream Bars $2.99

Krusteaz Lemon or Raspberry Bars Supreme Mix $1.99

Nabisco Nutter Butter $2.69

Arizona Iced Tea $0.79

Special Buys - Non groceries:

Range Master Stainless Steel Gas Grill $149.99

Range Master BBQ Grill Cover $12.99

Range Master Grill Toppers $5.99

Gardenline 4-Piece Conversational Set $179.99

Gardenline 10' Offset Umbrella $49.99

Gardenline Mini Pruner Set or Multi-Purpose Shears $4.99

Gardenline 2-Gallon Watering Can $2.99

Gardenline 3-Tier Planter $17.99

Mother’s Day Mixed Bouquet $7.99

Gardenline Wind Spinners $9.99

Crayola 52-Piece Chalk Carton $3.99

Sealtite 6-Piece Rectangle Container Set $2.99

Special Buys - Not Available At All Locations

Japanese Maple Tree $12.99

Continued Aldi New Low Prices Price Cuts:

Dakota's Pride Flavored Baked Beans $1.19 (Was $1.29)

Wonderful or Southern Grove Pistachios $5.99 (Was $6.29)

You can see the Aldi New Low Prices ad here.
You can see your local Aldi Ad here.

Check out the grocery price comparison, to see where you can find the best prices on the grocery staples.

See a list of states by Weekly Aldi Ad Start Date

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What Aldi prices are you excited about in this week's Aldi Ad
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