Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aldi Prices South Florida Produce Prices Starting Wednesday September 28

This week Aldi has fruit on sale, so you can make a great frugal fruit salad.

Check out the new produce prices that Aldi in Florida has this week.

I checked the oranges, and they are not from Florida yet. The oranges are from Chile, they are rather small, and they are only 3 lbs compared to 4 lbs last fall for the same price.

If you buy the grapes, the red grapes are best, but they are not fantastic. The red grapes in my local South Florida Aldi store was from the US (California), and came under the brand PRODUCE KOUNTRY. In the past I have gotten some great grapes from Aldi, so I was a little disappointed this time around. Still, my five-year-old son who never eats any fruits actually ate some of the grapes, so at $0.99/lb I cannot be too disappointed.

This week's new Aldi produce prices in South Florida Starting 9/28
Naval oranges 3 lbs (Chile) $1.99
Red grapes/green grapes 2 lbs $1.99
Pineapple $1.49

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What produce prices are you the most excited about this week? 
What produce would you like to go on sale?

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