Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hot Price Alert: Baker's Corner Flour - Aldi Flour Price $0.99 (KY, OH & WV)

I noticed quite a price cut on flour and sugar at my local South Florida Aldi store this week, but it was still not better than the deal that I found on Gold flour at Publix with coupons a few weeks ago. Some of you Aldi fans are lucky though, with 5 lbs Aldi flour for $0.99!

Aldi Flour 5 lbs $0.99
Aldi Sugar 5 lbs $2.49

I have found the above Aldi flour and sugar prices in the following states:

Aldi Kentucky, 
Aldi Ohio, 
Aldi West Virginia

Check your local Aldi Ad to see if you have cheap Aldi flour.

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