Friday, April 27, 2012

ALDI Baking Supplies - I Saved $4

I  have been doing a lot of baking with my boys, which meant that we were low on baking supplies. This of course meant a trip to ALDI, but I encountered two problems. First of all, ALDI had no cocoa! I don't know why this always happens when I run out, but I think I need to learn to pick up the ALDI cocoa powder, when I see it in stock, and not when I need it.

Second, the sugar has now changed to 4 lbs instead of 5 lbs, and the price is the same. Thankfully, I discovered this before I went to check out, because an ALDI reader brought this to my attention a few weeks ago. Back then my ALDI store was still selling 5 lb bags of sugar, but no more. So, if you are in need of sugar, make sure to pick it up at Target this week for $2.75 for 5 lbs. The 4 lbs sugar is $2.88 at my South Florida ALDI store, which takes it off my bargain list.

To make up for the two baking supplies issues, I was excited to see that my ALDI had eggs at $1.19 this week. If I could have fit more under the stroller, I would have picked up four packages of eggs. Space was limited though, but thankfully all eggs made it home safely.

Check out my ALDI Baking Supplies Deals:
2 lbs Brown Sugar $1.49
2 lbs Powdered Sugar $1.49
Canola Oil $2.69
2 x dozen Aldi eggs @ $1.19 each
Instant Oatmeal $1.49
Whole Wheat Brad $1.29
Gala Apples $1.79
Onion Rings $1.19

Tax $0.06
Total out of pocket $13.87
Total saved $4.05 
 (Compared to the lowest prices at my other grocery stores.Check out the grocery price list for details).

How did you do at ALDI this week? Is your ALDI now selling 4 lbs sugar or 5 lbs sugar, and is the price the same?

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  1. Oh my goodness that is some expensive sugar! Ours have always been 4lb bags, but they are like $2.29? I think. They've gone up recently, but not $4 oh my!