Friday, April 13, 2012

Stocking Up On Rye Bread - Come Share Your Trip At The Savings Linky

This week I decided to skip Walmart, and I only did a little bit of shopping at Publix, so I did the bulk of my grocery shopping at ALDI. My fridge and pantry was already filled to capacity, so I just needed the basis. Of course, I knew I had to pick up as much rye bread as my freezer could hold, because when ALDI has it on sale, it is less than half the price of what it would cost elsewhere.

Skim milk $2.89
Fresh chicken tenders $3.49
Fresh chicken breast $7.69
Granny Smith Apples $2.69
2 x Black Beans @ $0.59
2 x Corn @ $0.59
Green Peppers $1.29
Mushrooms $1.09
Instant Oatmeal $1.49
4 x Rye Breads @ $1.49 each
Hot Dog Buns $0.00

Total out of pocket $29.87
Total saved $13 (compared to my regular grocery stores)

I would love to hear about your grocery trips. Please a comment and/or share your grocery savings trip in the linky,


  1. You have a bad link over here:

    Just letting you know... :)

  2. The Deutsche Kuche rye at Aldi is sooooo dense and delicious! Thanks for the reminder :) The one I occasionally frequent is 21 miles away, but if I also hit the Walmart across the street, it's well worth the drive..