Friday, June 1, 2012

ALDI Clearance: Upside Down Planter $1.99, Trellis $4.49

There have been lots of great Aldi clearance on garden products at my local South Florida Aldi store lately, and this week I noticed two fantastic deals. I'll admit it - I was tempted....very tempted! Yet, I managed to leave the store without the deals....

However, some of you may have lots of room in your garden, so make sure to keep an eye out for garden and patio deals next time you stop by your local ALDI store.

ALDI Garden Clearance Finds:

Garden Trellises on clearance at ALDI for $4.49 (Was $9.99)

Upside Down Strawberry or Tomato Planters on clearance at ALDI for $1.99 (Was $4.99)


  1. I wish there was a phone number to contact Aldi's I want a couple of those trellis but I don't want to drive all the way there to discover they are out of them. Oh well, I may just have to go on the chance, I do need butter.

    Thanks for the information on the closeout


    1. June I completely understand, I sure wish they had a phone number as well.

  2. I went to the Lauderdale Lakes store they did not have the $9.99 trellis on sale, they had none of their garden items on sale!. I decided to speak to the manager, Ron, to see if he was going to do a reduction. He said he had not received notification to do it yet BUT, he did reduce the price. I could not remember how much you said the price was in your store (Hollywood?) but I did remember it was about half price, so that is what I told him the Hollywood store was selling them for. He let me have them for $4.99 each, so I thank you again.
    I wanted to get a raised bed but I had no luck getting it for a discount. He said his garden stuff was going on sale in two weeks.

    Butter was $2.19 at my store but eggs were only $.78, that is a great buy on eggs. A gallon of whole mile was $2.79.

    You mentioned in one of your posts how nice the help is in Aldi's, I so agree. They all work at full speed and still keep their cool. I give special thanks to the manager, Ron, he was so pleasant. The store is kind of far for me to go, but I make the trip and stock up on some of the bargains (butter, eggs, oatmeal, coffee (I would make the trip just for the price and quality of the coffee)

    Thank you for your time doing all this work for us.


  3. June I'm thrilled to hear that you got a deal on the trellises, even though your store had not marked them down yet.

    Two weeks ago I saw the raised garden beds on sale, but there were no more left this week. If your store still had some in stock, you might luck out once he start reducing the price. I remember that the price was so tempting that I almost picked one up.

    What a great price on eggs!