Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back To Aldi Shopping - Come Share Your Savings

Last week a storm forced me to cut my shopping trip short, and that meant no ALDI shopping. I did not really need anything at ALDI though, but I sure was glad to return to the reasonable prices at ALDI this week. Two weeks ago I stocked up on cheap chicken at ALDI, so this week I ended up splurging on some expensive beef stew meat.

I did a big oops with the fudge bars though, because I put them in the fridge instead of in the freezer!!! NOT GOOD! When I discovered it last night, it did not look good, but I was optimistic and stuffed them in the freezer:)

Did you ever put ice cream in the fridge?


Chocolate creme sandwiches $1.69
Fudge Bars $1.99
2 x dozen eggs @ $1.15
1/2 gallon of milk $2.19
1/2 gallon of lactose free milk $2.79
Flour $1.79
Quart Freezer Bags 40 ct $1.99
1.76 lbs of bananas $0.77
Lettuce $0.89
Zucchini $0.99
Mushrooms $0.79
3 lbs Granny Smith Apples $2.59
2 x Multi-color peppers @ $0.99
Whole Wheat Bread $1.29
Shrimp $3.99
Beef stew $5.20

Total out of pocket $33.73
Total saved $10.59

You can find the latest grocery price list here.

I would love to see how you did on your grocery shopping... you can link up below, at the Weekly Savings Linky at Frugality Is Free or you can leave a comment.


  1. I wish there was an Aldi in Broward!

    1. Tiffany there's one in Pembroke Pines, in Lauderdale Lakes and in Tamarac. I hope they'll open up more though....