Friday, July 31, 2020

Product Review: Reusable Insulated Grocery Bags at ALDI

Several years ago we discovered the reusable cooler bags at ALDI, and we have been fans ever since. They usually go on sale in special patterns about twice a year, and they sell out fast, but lately we've spotted that our local ALDI store has these reusable insulated grocery bags hanging in the front of the store with the other reusable grocery shopping bags.

insulated grocery bag ALDI

At $6.99, it may seem expensive, but we consider these insulated thermal bags to be a worthwhile investment. We've had our oldest bags for at least five years, and just now are we beginning to replace the older ones, as they just look tired and worn out. There is not a tear in a single one of them though, and the carrying handles are so well stitched that we have not encountered one issue with these either.

Not only do these insulated reusable grocery bags keep our frozen goods frozen until we get home in the hot Florida summer, but they are extremely durable and last a long time.

resuable grocery cooler bags
Insulated reusable grocery bags at ALDI

Our only negative is that the light-colored thermal bags can be hard to keep clean, so we prefer the darker cooler bags. We tried washing one in the washing machine, but while the bag remained intact, the insulation part kept on bundling itself. The inside is plastic, and it can easily be wiped clean after a shopping trip, it is more that the outside of the lighter-colored bags show their age after several years of use.

We've received lots of compliments on our reusable cooler bags from ALDI both at our local ALDI store, and whenever we bring them to other local grocery stores.

So, if you are looking for a great cooler grocery bag, check out your local ALDI store. If you cannot find these insulated grocery bags at your local ALDI store, we can also recommend these thermal grocery bags from AMAZON.

Do you have a favorite insulated grocery bag? 

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