Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Aldi Spot is Back

When we started the Aldi Spot 9 years ago, we were a family of 5 living in South Florida.

We knew ALDI from living overseas and up north, and we were so excited to finally have ALDI come close again, because we knew what a value this company is for hard-working families.

Shopping at ALDI quickly became a weekly tradition, even though we had to drive 20 - 30 minutes to get there, but the savings to our budget could not be understated.

We simply went from having to limit the amount of produce that we bought each week to being able to let the kids eat as much fruits and vegetables that they wanted, and there was even room in the budget for treats.

Nine years later, we are now a family of 7 living in North East Florida. 580+ posts later, and with a baby in the house, we are still big fans of ALDI. Our lives have changed enormously, since we moved up north, and we now live in our own mortgage-free home, our oldest son is turning 18 soon and our youngest is 11 months old. With five kids, a dog and a couple of chickens, ALDI still helps us stretch our grocery budget, and every time one of the teen boys makes lunch, we are especially thankful for the low cost of groceries at ALDI.

We also blog at Dancing Treetops, where we write about gardening, managing The Land and our aim to live an environmentally friendly life.

Here at the Aldi Spot, we will continue to feature our favorite ALDI products and let you know, when there are some great deals in the store.

So to those of you who's stuck around and those of you who've just discovered The Aldi Spot - WELCOME!

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