Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Aldi Spotlight: Family-Size Cereal Sale - As Low As $1.69!

The ALDI cereal sale is our Aldi Spotlight feature this week, because starting today you can get an amazing deal on the family-size cereals. ALDI's cereals are on our 20 favorite ALDI products list over here, and since our kids have grown up on ALDI cereals, we feel it is only fitting that these make it to our Aldi Spotlight feature.

ALDI Honey Nut Cereal

ALDI Cereal Sale:

Millville Family Size Honey Nut Crispy Oats at 21.6 oz for $1.69 

Millville Family Size Frosted Flakes at 26.8 oz for $1.99

The above ALDI cereal sale runs from August 12 - August 18.

The honey nut crispy oats and the frosted flakes cereals from ALDI are our children's favorites, so we are thrilled. These family-sized cereal boxes are such a great value to begin with, and at the price of $1.69 - $1.99, we'll make sure to stock up. You can read our ALDI Frosted Flakes review here. It's an old review from 201, but it is still relevant, because the taste is the same and the price difference is still similar.

We have friends whose children will only eat the name-brand cereal, oh boy do we not envy them. When we first switched to the ALDI cereal almost a decade ago, we did not make a big fuss about it, and surely enough, no one complained. If your children are picky, it can't hurt making the switch without their knowledge, so give it a try and see what they say. Even better put the savings aside for a special treat at the end of the month, and the kiddos might appreciate the savings even more. 


Why pay $5 for a box that will last 2-3 days, when you can pay less than $2 for a larger box of cereal that will last longer. It's common sense in our opinion. 

What's your favorite ALDI cereal?

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